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Humanity has been trying to save the other species that are facing the danger of going extinct for a long time. No one ever thought that the human race will also reach the brim of extinction one day. Nicholas Sansbury Smith started this series with the news of human extinction after World War III. Humans that have survived the war are facing different kinds of troubles.

Some have become hopeless and then some don’t have anything to live for. Among these, there is Hell Divers i.e a group of elite fighters who have taken an oath to save mankind no matter what happens. The group moves in space and locates the survivors of war after which they make them settle on suitable planets.

HELL DIVERS V: CAPTIVES audiobook free

But the job is not easy because not all the planets are vacant for a stay. So when Xavier Rodriguez lands on the Metal Islands for the establishment of a colony he confronts a warrior race which makes him come down on his knees. The people are fishermen and farmers but when they get into their warrior gear they are just awesome.

As Xavier gets trapped on the Metal Islands his teammates on the ship face a deadlier situation i.e the cause of the war is revealed to them finally. R.C. Bray’s voice is not new for the audience; the narrator has narrated almost all the parts of the series. One can observe the quality of the author through Extinction Shadow and Hell Divers VII: Warriors too. Every part of the series is loaded with action, mystery, and thrill. The story never ends and the missions of the Hell Divers are also unending. Xavier started his mission for the safety and survival of humanity and now he thinks that the fate of the whole galaxy lies in his hands.

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