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A Death in Norfolk audiobook

Hi, are you looking for A Death in Norfolk audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

A Death in Norfolk audiobook free

I stumbled upon this series quite by accident when I was surfing through amazon looking for good reading material. The story follows the adventures of Captain Gabriel Lacey, a down-on-his-luck former soldier from the Napoleonic Wars who holds honor above riches and cannot refuse his aid when injustice is involved. As a result, he becomes involved in repeated intrigue and meets a cast of interesting characters who both aid and deter him, including dandy Lucius Grenville, lady love Donata Breckenridge, actress Marianne Simmons, and the coldly calculating James Denis. They all return in this latest installment, which details Lacey’s search for missing people and stolen items, while solving murder and attempting to restore his childhood home in Norfolk . We learn more about Lacey’s family as well as gain some insight into the past life of James Denis, who continues to insinuate himself more and more into Lacey’s personal matters. Personally, I find Denis to be one of the most interesting characters of the books- he is no doubt a criminal and a villain, but this book fleshes out his character a bit more and gives us some understanding as to what drives and shapes him to be the man he is. I cannot help but wonder how his and Lacey’s relationship will ultimately end . Lacey also finds that many of his tried and true convictions are shaken, and I admit that I was a bit surprised by some of his final decisions near the end of the book although not necessarily disappointed. The action is well plotted, the dialogue sharp , and the characterization remains the strong point of the series. All of the books are available on e-format here on amazon, and at very reasonable prices too, so you can read several of these novels for the price of one . They do not have to be read in order, but I think it does add to the enjoyment and understanding when you do so. The author is at the seventh novel of the series, I believe, and the story is still fresh and interesting . Some long- running series have run out of steam by this point, but not this one. I am definitely looking forward to the next few books!

Review #2

A Death in Norfolk audiobook Series Captain Lacey

Book Seven of the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries.

This book was really exciting — the book is filled with bad guys and you aren’t sure which of the bad guys is the really bad guy!

I was glad to see that the Brandon’s weren’t in this book. I know they’ve had a resolution of sorts, but I still don’t like them.

We learn a lot more about James Denis in this book — or do we? He finally calls in some of his markers with Lacey — and it is a good thing for him that he does.

Lacey and Lady Breckenridge travel to Norfolk to get a look at what is left of Lacey’s family home and to get an idea of the renovations required to make it habitable. Lacey and Lady Breckenridge have agreed to attend a house party at a friend of Lady Breckenridge’s (who lives in the Norfolk area) so they’ll have a place to stay while they are evaluating the house.

A hoard of James Dennis’ men show up soon after Lacey has arrived and start tearing up the home of a neighbor looking for paintings that the owner has stolen from Denis. They also descend on Lacey’s home to do the same thing. So — Lacey lets them — after all he’d have to pay to have all of that demolished and this was free.

One of Denis’ men is killed and another disappears. Denis is fearful that the man who has disappeared has been killed as well and wants to find him. Lacey is, of course, the one chosen by Denis to solve the mystery.

As always, there is another sub-plot going on at the same time as the main plot. This time, it is the mystery of a local woman who disappeared.

This is an excellent book and I’m sure you’ll like it too. Each book in the series seems to be more exciting than the last.

Review #3

Audiobook A Death in Norfolk by Ashley Gardner

I continue to enjoy these books which I began reading only four days ago and have now completed Book #7. Further reveals are made about James Denis, sort of the all around mafia bad guy, who wants to keep Gabriel Lacey dangling on his string. But, of course, our dear Captain Lacey doesn’t dangle on anyone’s string, at least not for very long.

Our mystery in this book revolves around Mr. Denis’ all around second in command, Mr. Chapman, going missing in Norfolk, Lacey’s place of birth. Lacey had decided to go to his home place while participating in a house party in the region along with his lady love, Donata Breckenridge. During this visit, Lacey and Donata take a tour of Lacey’s home which has fallen into ruin and begin to make plans to restore the house where they will spend their summers after they are wed.

But, Mr. Denis has an errand for Lacey to take care of while he’s in the area which means the Denis crew descend upon the area with a vengeance as they look for very valuable original pieces of artwork. Concurrently with the mystery of the missing Mr. Chapman, Lacey runs into a secondary mystery when he finds a young woman’s dress in his ruined estate. Lacey must find out who the dress belonged to because that’s what he does and as he investigates this matter, more issues arise.

When Donata finds a notebook under the carpet in the drawing room belonging to Lacey’s deceased mother, Lacey finds some secrets about his mother’s life that reveals much about her of which he was unaware. As is usual, we have the great pleasure of Grenville’s company, we see a little bit of Marianne and we are given further insight into James Denis’ youth.

These books continually build upon the past books to flesh out the characters we have learned to love. Great job, Ms. Gardner!

Review #4

Audio A Death in Norfolk narrated by James Gillies

I’m gradually reading my way through this series of novels. This is number seven and takes Captain Lacey off to Norfolk to survey the remnants of the family estate. He’s combining the visit with the delivery of a note to his neighbour from the enigmatic Mr Denis therefore it is unsurprising that the crusading captain is soon embroiled in theft and murder. Lacey’s relationships with all the supporting players, especially Donata and Denis, continue to develop alongside the main plot and are as pleasurably complex as ever. As always the quality of the writing and the scene setting is first-rate and the plotting is sound. Loving it. A word to the wise – novels seven, eight and nine are available as ‘volume three’ in the series at a very good price (I mistakenly bought seven as a single book and then had to do the same with the other two so paid a little more than I need have but it was still worth it); there may even be additional short stories in the combination volume as there have been in others.

Review #5

Free audio A Death in Norfolk – in the audio player below

I didn’t enjoy this quite as much as earlier books in the series. I still think it is good, but felt it did not have the quite depth of the others. It seemed to me that the mystery element was a less strong. It is not that the plot is flawed; it just has less complexity and fewer twists and turns.

Also the setting takes us away from the familiarity of central London, the Ton and Covent Garden. I found the set of people at Lady Southwick’s House party somewhat less than convincing and would have liked to see some more well developed characters among the locals and suspects. Nevertheless, Lacey is supported by a number of his normal cohorts, in particular, Lucius Grenville, Lady Breckenridge and James Denis, about whom we learn more.

Having said this, I still think highly of the Captain Lacey series. I am looking forward to book 8 and was disappointed not to be able to find a definite publication date.

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