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A Covent Garden Mystery audiobook

Hi, are you looking for A Covent Garden Mystery audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

A Covent Garden Mystery audiobook free

Book number six in the Captain Lacey series set in the Regency time period in England was quite a satisfying historical mystery. I have enjoyed all of the previous books in this series, even though some rated higher than others with me. I sincerely like Captain Gabriel Lacey and have watched him change from a lonely, embittered man to someone who has finally found a chance for happiness over the course of the books. This one was originally published in 2006, but I see that each of the novels will be re-released in 2011 as a lead-up to the brand new seventh novel in September 2011. I am so very glad to see that author Ashley Gardner has not abandoned Lacey and his friends, but will give loyal readers at least one more story.

All the stories in this series build rather heavily upon what happened in the previous book(s), so it is a little difficult to write any type of plot summary which will not give away information important in other novels. I’ll simply say that this novel concerns itself with Captain Lacey’s efforts to find young women who have disappeared off the London streets in the Covent Garden area. Two of these women are “game girls”, better known as prostitutes. Lacey lives in close proximity to Covent Garden so he has at least a passing knowledge of these girls and a great sympathy for their plight. His investigation begins when he is asked to find one of the missing girls. As with all the previous novels this author has made Regency London come alive for me. Her talent for description is superb and the cast of characters she assembled here was first rate. I will say though that this particular novel centered very heavily on Lacey’s personal life so the mystery aspect is not as involved as most of the other novels. The novels in order of release are:

Review #2

A Covent Garden Mystery audiobook Series Captain Lacey

Book Six in the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries series. Yep — they just keep getting better and better. You definitely begin to see some resolutions to some ongoing issues — and maybe learn of a few new ones . . . .

I was happy to see less of Louisa Brandon in this one — although she caused a lot of the trouble. We also see a better side of Colonel Brandon — maybe the Brandon/Lacey friendship will survive. Frankly — given the things Colonel Brandon has done, it would take a LOT to make me like him. He does try to help in this book though, so there is hope I guess.

You see more of the interplay between Grenville and Marianne — he learns Marianne’s secret. Will their relationship survive? Will he be able to remain friends with Lacey? You’ll just have to read the book to see . . . .

James Denis gets his hooks deeper into Lacey in this book . . . . I’m thinking Denis isn’t as bad a person as he’s made out to be. I think we’ll learn some of his origins in the next book (I can’t wait).

You can read the synopsis of the book in the blurb on Amazon or the back cover of the book, so I won’t spend a lot of time there . . . . But here is the general description.

Lacey finds out that his daughter, wife and the man his wife has been living with for the last 15 years have been brought to London by James Denis in order to pursue divorce. Lacey wants the divorce (as does his wife) because Lacey has found someone he loves and wants to marry. He also wants his daughter who he loves unconditionally.

So, the family dynamic is the background of what is going on when “game girls” start disappearing and one turns up dead. We see a return of Black Nancy (Lacey saved her in an earlier book) and see a little of her new life.

Surprise — Lacey’s daughter turns up missing and he thinks it is related to the “game girls” disappearance. Everybody turns out to help search — Grenville an his servants, Colonel Brandon and a bunch of soldiers, Lady Breckenridge and her servants — Black Nancy — everybody.

The bad guy will sort of surprise you, but you sort of get an idea of who it is, but closer to the resolution.

Review #3

Audiobook A Covent Garden Mystery by Ashley Gardner

Once again I have been absorbed into the world of Captain Gabriel Lacey. This is both a case about missing street girls, and the disappearance of Lacey’s young daughter, whom he has not seen for 15 years, when his wife ran away with a French Major, taking little Gabriella with them. They are now in London at the behest of James Denis, the criminal mastermind, assiduously helping Lacey to track his lost family and arrange a divorce, so that he can make Lacey beholden to him.At the same time, Lacey’s relationship with Donata Breckenridge is deepening, and he wishes to be free to marry again.

Reviews shouldn’t be spoilers, so I won’t say anything more on the plot. The novel is, as usual, well written and easily readable, and the period feel is good. However, I was aware on quite a few occasions of the Americanism ‘gotten’, particularly in direct speech. This grates! Also, at the end, there are three references to something called ‘New Year’s’. New Year’s what? We say either New Year’s Eve/Day or New Year on its own. This also irritated me! However, these blemishes do not stop me from giving five stars to this story, and definitely recommending it. To get the best of this series, though, I would recommend reading them in chronological order.

Review #4

Audio A Covent Garden Mystery narrated by James Gillies

Two ‘game girls’ go missing from Covent Garden, and when one is found murdered, Captain Gabriel Lacey is called in to help find the killer.

In the sixth of the Lacey mysteries set in post-Napoleonic London, Gabriel is helping to solve another murder but is increasingly distracted by the arrival of his wife – who he hasn’t seen for nearly twenty years – and his long-lost daughter Gabriella. This series has been working up to this confrontation for a while now, and it’s handled with Gardner’s usual ease and emotional intelligence.

Alongside this, Grenville finally learns Marianne’s secret; and Gabriel’s own relationship with Donata Breckenridge develops apace. The troubled dynamics of his friendships with the Brandons is also under scrutiny and we can look forward to some growth and change there.

This series is a real guilty pleasure of mine: it’s not great literature by any means but it’s well-written, well-plotted and has a host of multi-dimensional characters. Best of all, the stories aren’t static – while there are certain threads that links all the books in the series, the relationships between the characters move, change and grow. Because of that, this is a series which really does need to be read in chronological order.

If you enjoy historical mysteries, this is an excellent series, and one which deserves to be better known.

Review #5

Free audio A Covent Garden Mystery – in the audio player below

Captain Lacey has proved a very interesting character. The supporting cast is also utterly interesting and intriguing. On the strength of the first book and this second book I have purchased the whole of the series for my kindle. What a treat.

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