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A Regimental Murder audiobook

Hi, are you looking for A Regimental Murder audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

A Regimental Murder audiobook free

Whether the author writes as Ashley Gardner or Jennifer Ashley matters not. What matters is the beautifully written and engaging stories that she tells in her Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries. What I am finding is that one cannot read these books quickly. There is so much subtle plot detail and attention to setting and character development that I must read more slowly than I am accustomed to in order to fully appreciate the story. This is certainly not a bad thing because most other Regency era novels are so formulaic that if you’ve read one, you’ve pretty much read them all.

I almost hate to admit this given my ‘maturity,’ but I am developing a heck of a crush on Captain Lacey. His character is just so darn unexpected and so different from the norm in Regency books that I find myself completely attracted to him. I don’t know if any of you are familiar with the song by John Legend titled “All of Me,’ but there is a line in the song that refers to “perfect imperfections.” That is how I think of Captain Lacey. He is deeply principled, but a bit of a hot head; he comes from ‘quality’ as the folks of that era referred to the upper classes, but is near penniless. Though poor he shares much of what he has (sometimes grudgingly) with those who have less even than he. He is handsome and deeply intelligent, but is physically and emotionally scarred leading to suffer from mild to debilitating depression. Finally his loneliness breaks my heart as he attracts strong supporters, but deliberately holds them at arm’s length. However, this tendency is not without reason. In Regimental Murder, the resolution to his relationship with Lydia Weston about broke me.

As a reader, I appreciate the ‘peeling an onion’ approach to character development with the author slowly revealing more about not only the Captain, but also the secondary characters. We learn more about Lacey’s former commanding officer, mentor and best friend Brandon and what drove them apart. More is revealed about the unrequited love of Captain Lacey’s life and Brandon’s wife, Louisa. Lord Grenville and James Denis are interesting and intriguing secondary characters. I want to know more about all of them, but especially how James Denis plans to call in his markers with Captain Lacey.

You may be wondering if there was anything that I didn’t like. The only thing I can come up with is that at times, Captain Lacey teeters on the edge of being too seriously self-deprecating and single minded. These traits don’t distract from the story too often, but they are there nonetheless. Also, Captain Lacey acts very rashly at one point and intentionally causes permanent bodily harm to one of the more smarmy characters in the story. The fact that he was able to evade any kind of legal repercussions for his actions came off as a little too convenient and thus, bit too unrealistic for may taste.

As I skip happily to the next book in the series, I appreciate the fact that each of the books is pretty much a standalone novel. There is clear, coherent resolution to the primary mystery. Finally, I offer my thanks to the author for her creativity and imagination, but beg that she find a way for Captain Lacey to find the happiness that he deserves.

Review #2

A Regimental Murder audiobook Series Captain Lacey

This is the second book in the Captain Lacey series by Ashley Gardner. Her knowledge of history in the Regency era, and of cavalry regiments, promotions of officers, and battles is interesting and she gives credit to those that are her sources. In this episode Gabriel comes across a woman on a bridge who is assaulted and whose life is in danger. Or is it? Lacey seems to always be in the position of protecting the honor of women and in this case, the woman’s husband who just died in questionable circumstances was accused of murdering a cavalry officer in the midst of a siege after the Battle of Badajoz in Spain in 1812. There is more to this than meets the eye and as Lacey delves into the life of Colonel Westin, the husband, he finds that there is nothing that would give the impression of a murderer. More of his investigation requires going into society and this is when he relies on his upper crust friend Grenville to get him into respectable country houses. Lacey sees the more unseemly side of aristocrats in the form of three officers who happened to be with Colonel Westin and are reluctant to defend him and are more than evasive, dismissive, and aloof to Lacey’s questions.

Review #3

Audiobook A Regimental Murder by Ashley Gardner

Captivated by the writing skills and knowledge of the era that Ashley Gardner exhibited in her first novel of this series, I’ve been following the series with utter delight! I read this one out of order, but that didn’t spoil it for me.
Captain Gabriel Lacey, the wounded hero from “The Hanover Square Affair” is back again to solve a new murder and right a dead man’s lost honor. He’s a very well drawn character, suffering from what he describes as melancholy, and with a painful knee badly injured in the Napoleonic war in Spain. There’s an interesting story behind that too!
Unable to sleep one night, Captain Gabriel Lacey walks the streets. He finds himself rescuing a lady when she’s attacked by a beggar. Something about this sad and desperate beauty touches a cord in Captain Lacey, and he gallantly responds to her plea for help. Mrs. Lydia Westin, is the widow of Colonel Westin, who has been accused of murdering Captain Algernon Spenser during the rioting at Badajoz in Spain in 1812. Four years later, for some unknown reason, Colonel Westin confesses to the crime. But his wife is positive she knows her husband too well to believe he did commit the murder. Why he did it and who killed him, is up to Captain Lacey to find out.
All the books I have read are clever, intriguing and compelling, and this one is no different. I thought the mystery plot excellent. The characters exceedingly well-drawn. England and especially London, is a dark place where evil lurks at every turn and Gardner maintains that air of suspense and intrigue right to the end. No happy ending here for Captain Lacey, but one hopes that in the future, the poverty stricken anguished hero (and an attractive one at that – honest and moral, passionate, strong, a little reckless), will find happiness. Who can resist such a hero? I couldn’t! Every book in this series is a pleasure and joy to read.

Review #4

Audio A Regimental Murder narrated by James Gillies

Wow! I loved the first book in the series, but I think this is probably even better. Captain Gabriel Lacey is concerned over a lady walking out on an uncompleted bridge on the Thames one evening. The story revolves round her stated belief that her husband, Col. Westin, was murdered. He was due to be tried for a crime committed during the Peninsular War, but his wife, Lydia, was convinced that she knew the three men who conspired against him and forced him to admit to the murder of another officer. The nefarious James Denis makes an appearance, as does Lucius Grenville, the society idol who has befriended Lacey. The plot is complex and compelling, and I don’t want to give any detail that might give it away.

I read and read – and hated to put my kindle down. The atmosphere of the book was amazing, and the characterization of the people acute. I am even more in love with Gabriel Lacey, and can’t wait to read the next in the series!

Review #5

Free audio A Regimental Murder – in the audio player below

The second in the Captain Lacey series (following  The Hanover Square Affair ), this is another excursion into the dark underside of Jane Austin/Georgette Heyer’s Regency world. From the opening scene where Lacey notices a well-dressed woman hurrying through an unexpected part of London, we are drawn into this mystery that spans murder in the Napoleonic Wars to crime, not always indictable, in the heart of London.

This is a really well written series that balances historical atmosphere with complex, twisting plots, and a set of characters who are rounded and nuanced. Lacey himself, invalided out of the army, spans the world of the ton through his friendship with Grenville and that of the actresses and `game girls’ of Covent Garden.

I particularly like the way Lacey’s relationships are complicated with whole back stories that the books allude to but don’t feel the need to re-hash. Each one we read deepens our understanding of the past intertwined histories of our characters, as well as introducing new characters whose own relations develop, change and deepen through the books.

Lacey is an interesting protagonist through whom to experience this world: he’s honourable (of course) with a strong sense of integrity, yet he’s also melancholic and has a vicious temper which he sometimes allows to overcome his sense of self-control.

This episode in the series is perhaps slightly less engaging that some of the others that I’ve read to date and is a bit slow to get going. But we are introduced to Donata Breckenridge for the first time, a character whose importance will grow.

So another very good read – but I would suggest it’s best to read this series in order. Oh, and ignore the covers which make these books look like bodice-ripper historical romances – they’re not.

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