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A Demon Bound audiobook

Hi, are you looking for A Demon Bound audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

A Demon Bound audiobook free

I won’t bother writing a synopsis, as you’ve probably read the one describing the book to get to this point. I’m going to start with the bad. The writing is choppy, a little uneven, there are some information dumps. The worst part for me was the complete lack of understanding on how to write in past perfect tense, and the author wasn’t even consistent in her wrongness. At one point, half a sentence was written in present tense, but I think that was a stylistic choice, and I’m okay with that, when it’s well-done (see how I did that tense change there? Not to brag or anything….). But you have to know the rules to break the rules. As other reviewers have pointed out, the MC, Sam, is a demon, and she takes unholy delight in being a demon. The angels aren’t all sweetness and lollipops, either. There’s some crude language and some sexual content. So, for readers, who are bothered by that kind of thing, skip this one, you’ll just be wasting your time.

For the rest of us, however…. I took an unholy glee in reading this. So much so, that I did not deduct a star for the inconsistent verb tenses or the choppy writing. I thought the choppy writing actually lent itself to the first person POV. It gave the MC a unique voice. Another reviewer thought Sam the Imp didn’t have chemistry with Wyatt the human. I disagree. I just think that Sam had more chemistry with Gregory the Angel, because Gregory is hot and alpha and a freaking, powerful angel! But I will agree that the character of Wyatt was not consistent. First he’s Sam’s handy-man/best friend, then he’s understandably upset, when she tries to “Own” him (it’s a demon thing), then he’s red-faced with jealousy two days later.

This book was so fun to read, but you do have to have a kind of dark sense of humor to enjoy it. There were some original ideas and a unique voice, and I was intrigued by the questions and possibilities that were hinted about, but not explored in this book. If you’ve ever gotten tired of limpid-eyed heroines, or thought, “I need a little more bad in my life,’ then I recommend this book.

Review #2

A Demon Bound audiobook in series Imp Series

The author has pulled off a neat trick here: she gives the protagonist an array of negative traits (she’s violent and enjoys it, she’s a liar, and so on, and, oh, ya, she’s actually a mid-level demon in a human body), but yet she (the author) types some magic words or whatever and makes you like the imp-demon! Ya, first you’re a bit repulsed by the character and then after a few pages you’re rooting for her the rest of the story. Folks, that takes skill. Skill at writing or skill at witchcraft, I don’t know, but I like the results!

The second thing I noticed is that although this book can be read as “just” a fantasy story, there’s more to it. Unintentionally or not, with a light touch the author embedded some real-life questions and ideas that may or may not prod your thinking. I almost didn’t notice it. That’s a fine line to balance.
Also, this book has something you notice much more when it is NOT there: competently-constructed sentences and paragraphs, evocative, efficient imagery, transparent but effective dialogue tags, and many other technical aspects. All of this allows the written words to flow through the readers eyes and fill his or her mind with the story, distraction-free.

Review #3

Audiobook A Demon Bound by Debra Dunbar

So I am mainly writing this review for future me. I read a lot of books very quickly. When I opened this it asked if I wanted to resume the book halfway through. I couldn’t remember anything so I tried to read it again. When this happens I tend to click “write a review” and see if I left one. I didn’t leave one before but I won’t that mistake again. This is a DNF twice now. My feelings on books can change with my mood, I thought this might be one of those books but its not. This book is just boring. The MC is a demon. My current fav female MCs are violent and at least half psychotic so a demon sounded good. I can’t stay interested in the story, the charecters kind of suck. No mystery or plot has revealed itself. She worries about Angels obsessively and hasn’t done anything demon like aside from hitting a kid with her car door. The love interest seems like a loser. I’m not sure what people like about this book. Its well written but no heavy UF content, world building, or character development. Of course that could happen further along in the story but I couldn’t slog through reading more than half of it to find out.

Review #4

Audio A Demon Bound narrated by Angela Rysk

Most of the criticisms I’ve read about A Demon Bound focus on the time spent world-building. I implore you to persevere because the vividness of the characters and locations pays dividends. This series plays the long game.

Sam is a fun-loving demon on vacation in the human realm. She spends her days getting rich as a slum lord, tearing around in her snazzy Corvette and trying desperately to drag her hot neighbour into the sack. Her fun loving and demonic lifestyle is hampered however when she is dragged into a mission to kill an angel.

Angles are mandated to kill demons on sight and when Sam runs into the biggest, baddest archangel of them all hilarity and chemistry ensues.

Review #5

Free audio A Demon Bound – in the audio player below

his was a real surprise, a very different book to read compared to my usual choices. For the first third I had no idea where it was going and I wasn’t sure if I would want to continue. However, it did become more explanatory and from then on out I literally couldn’t put it down.

Samantha Martin is an imp, a low level demon, she has taken on human form and has been living a ‘normal’ life for years. Then all of sudden she has to face her own mortality when she comes across a powerful angel who is her nemesis it seems. Unbeknownst to her, one of her business associates is a werewolf, who needs her help to track down a rogue angel who is killing her pack. Candy the werewolf then blackmails Sam by telling her the angel knows about her and will kill her if found and so our reluctant imp, along with Sam’s neighbour a very attractive young man, embark on a trip to find the killer.

This isn’t just an original and satisfying fantasy novel, but also a mildly comedic one too. It’s seriously offbeat and unpredictable and thrilling at the same time. I loved not knowing what would happen next. The characters were as far from stereotypical as you could get, and the author didn’t try to make Sam into a reformed character. and she seemed so much more real for it. Sam stays a demon, but one who is progressive and able to learn and grow. I really particularly liked her very weird relationship with the angel Gregory.

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    1. Not sure about the novel yet, but couldn’t they have found someone better to read it? I was honestly wondering if they hadn’t just gotten a text-to-voice converter or something, she’s so robotic. Monotone voice and pauses in weird places… I couldn’t handle more than half a dozen pages.

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