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Angel of Chaos audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Angel of Chaos audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Angel of Chaos audiobook free

I’m still reading Debra Dunbar’s series after seven odd books. Wasn’t sure if I would last that long but, hey, I love being pleasantly surprised when authors continue to improve.

‘Angel of Chaos’ picks up not long after book 5 and Sam’s life isn’t as much of a cake-walk as she would like. Her big promotion from landlord of the slums to ruler of hel, as well as her newfound status of angel (or ‘mutated demon’, as she humorously puts it), means Sam also has a place of the Angel’s High Council – except they’re dumping their dirty jobs onto Sam. What’s worse, Sam’s also finds she’s been tricked into taking care of a pregnant woman after a very nervous angel arrives on her doorstep and gives Sam an offer she can’t, or won’t, refuse. Sam quickly finds there is a much bigger problem than a simple case of guarding the woman from simple threats. A problem that half of Aaru would kill both Sam and Harper over.

While in the first book I wasn’t overly impressed with the universe Dunbar has created, I’ve continued to be pleasantly surprised as she expands on the world of Hel, Aaru and Earth, and it’s taken me a few books to realise that Dunbar’s world isn’t meant to be taken overly seriously. Take the Angels of Aaru, for example, who are ridiculously old even by urban fantasy standards (yes,the main love interest of Sam’s is in fact billions of years old). One thing I forgot to mention in my first review but quite liked about Dunbar’s universe is her take of gender identity and sexuality. Let’s just say angels and demons have a far more casual outlook to their gender than their fellow mortals do, which is something I don’t come across overly much. At least where urban fantasy is concerned.

The characters have developed in a positive way as well, though I was a little disappointed that Wyatt and some favorite past characters had little or no screen time (and have gone on to their own novels). Sam is -slightly- less crazy than in previous books, a little wiser, more inclined to a hug than ripping a fellow demon apart as a form of greeting, though still prone to beating angel’s bloody with baseball bats if they get on her bad side. I am and will continue to be a fan of Sam because of her humorous outlook and just general inclination to play pranks, but if you didn’t like her but have managed to hang on for this long you may find her more tolerable than in book 1.

As for Gregory, I can’t say I was overly interested in his character before because of both his lack of screen time with Sam and just his general douchebagginess. The good news is that even Gregory has developed into a far better personality and is far more likable as a character. The best change I loved about him was his new found love of coffee, haha. Other characters didn’t impress me so much, such as the overly-emotional Harper, though her stabbey moments with the knife were kind of funny.

Although I quite enjoyed reading about the conflict in the stagnant world of Aaru and Sam’s humorous take on dealing with the situation, one slight downside to ‘Angel of Chaos’ was how little focus there was on the aftermath of the uprising of Hel (which the imp caused, naturally). As ‘Angel of Chaos’ was primarily focused on Earth and the angels, we know what happened in Hel mainly through conversation and Sam’s brief forays there. The problems of Hel were dealt mostly by Sam’s demon foster siblings. While I get Sam’s plate was full dealing with Aaru, I’m hoping this will expanded upon in further novels, and it probably will be.

And as one human inhabitant of Hel observed, Sam isn’t the real ruler of Hel. Not yet, anyway. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Sam and the world of Hel!

Review #2

Angel of Chaos audiobook in series Imp Series

Dunbar is continuing to make her mark in fantasy writing, and does so with great skill. I have high praise for her novels, because they are very deep and character-driven. Additionally, she writes with an unique creativity, while making readers laugh as she hits each mark needed to tell any story well.

Her protagonist, Sam (A.K.A. Ha-Satan, the Iblis, or just plain old Satan), is an absolute triumph. Dunbar clearly puts as much as (humanly) possible in her writing and researches relentlessly to make the books an excellent opportunity to learn, as well as enjoy a book that provides many laughs. She
leaves readers satisfied, but excited for the next installment.

This novel is all of the above. I sincerely enjoyed reading every word (even occasional typos or homophones are easily forgiven, since we get such a great story!) and I am very pleased to be in to the next in the series. I

I am rereading the whole Imp Series. In doing so, now I see much more complexity made fun, cementing her as one of my favorite authors. All of her books are very worth reading, IMHO. Do yourself a favor. If you’re not on team Imp, start at book one, “A Demon Bound” . Then, have fun reading the next nine books. You’re welcome!

Review #3

Audiobook Angel of Chaos by Debra Dunbar

Each book in this series is more entertaining than the last as Sam speeds along her zany way toward, well it’s unclear exactly where she’s headed, even Gregory probably doesn’t know for sure. One thing is sure, that Sam can’t seem to help biting off more than she can apparently chew in her efforts to protect the underdogs and downtrodden. She has already turned Hel upside down, freeing the humans from the oppression of the elves, a situation which remains in dire need of stabilization. In Angel of Chaos, Sam adds the nephilim and their werewolf descendants to her list of responsibilities, while contemplating setting up an infernal dating service between angels and demons. And since it’s Sam we’re talking about here, nothing happens in a systematic or organized fashion, much to the consternation and frustration of the majority of angels on the ruling council. I love how Sam’s character develops as she inadvertently takes on more and more responsibility in her position as Iblis. It’s unclear whether Sam will be Aarru’s redemption or its downfall and that is part of what makes this series so entertaining to read. I can’t wait to grab hold of my hat and see where Sam’s journey takes her next!

Review #4

Audio Angel of Chaos narrated by Angela Rysk

I am a fan of these books. With an imp who is also satan as the main character, they started out really original and refreshing. However i was a bit disappointed with this sixth one.

Let me explain. The last book was so good, this one was never going to match up so i was expecting a less epic installment. However i felt that the author had all but erased the events of the previous book. Sam was nearly killed and reduced to barely being able to alter her form, but in this book everything is conveniently fixes and she is back to exactly how she was before the last book. There were some lingering psychological effects but not enough to feel real to me. If a period of years had passed since the previous book i could have understood it, but it seemed to pick up right after.

Apart from this i found myself unsure about Sam as a character now. She started the series as a mischevious imp with a macabre sense of humour and twisted hobbies but quickly became very goody goody and turned into the hero of the people by the last book. Now again the author is trying to prove that Sam is still a demon when she so blatantly isn’t. It feels forced and when she is mischevious it is a shadow of her former near-evil. I suppose Sam has never been very self aware so she is in denial about herself but i found myself wishing she would just wake up and stop denying who she really is.

I was also irked by how Wyatt was oh so conveniently removed from this book. Yes from the beginning of the series it was obvious Sam and Gregory were moving toward each other and that her relationship with Wyatt couldn’t last forever, but the shift from Sam being so in love with Wyatt to being so in love with Gregory jarred with me. Wyatt is away for the duration of this book and i am looking forward to seeing how the love triangle is dealt with in the next book when he returns. Realistically no human man would stand by Sam with Gregory around.

On the whole this book has some nice ideas and an intriguing plot line that ties in with previous installments and seems to be heading somewhere world-changing. However the action is a bit repetitive and the ending is rather too easy for my liking. I am once again uncomfortable with Sam’s morality and how she swings from gushy lovey dovey stuff to enjoying torturing people but this has always been one of the most interesting aspect of these books.

I will be reading the next ones but I feel the series is on a downward slide after the peak of number five. Time will tell.

Review #5

Free audio Angel of Chaos – in the audio player below

Sam is back at her house returned from her tribulations in hel, and free of her demon suitor. So like a lot of people I thought she would have a no holds barred reunion with human toy Wyatt, but that was not what happened at all.

I was sorely disappointed with this edition to the series. Here Sam is back, Wyatt is away continually and the plot lacks as a result of this change in the authors interests. Uninteresteringly Sam lusts after her very, IMHO, unsexy angel friend and worries about her girls Nyalla and the new resident Harper, who is a murderous knife throwing peice of work, pregnant by an angel. For me Harper was an incrediblely unsympathethic figure, and although pregnant I just found her attitude repellent. I would have loved to have to seen her removed from the story permanantly and could not understand why anyone defended her.

The dominance of angels and their battles and committiee meetings were for me, so tedious.
This is not the imp for me if she is going to become angelic, the angels seemed to the only point of interest and the story suffered for it in my highly subjective opinion. The highlight here for me was the inclusion of the demons at the end. I liked the demon who wanted to put bubble bath in the local fountains and eat hot wings with her very lovely neighbour.

I have really enjoyed this series, but I will not be reading any more if this theme of Sam becoming an angel carries on. It just feels like the Imp has lost her edge.

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