A Little Hatred

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A Little Hatred is a science fiction fantasy novel. The book is the opening chapter of a series named The Age of Madness. It is written by Joe Abercrombie. He is a quality British writer and also has a career as a film editor. The best novels written by the novelist are The Blade Itself and The Trouble with Peace.

Steven Pacey has done the narration of this novel. You will enjoy listening to this absolute master at work. Listeners hope that he continues to be the narrator for the remaining chapters in the series as well.

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Right over the bloody Angland borders, Leo struggles hard to win fame in the war zone. He wanted to defeat all the plundering armies that were of Stour Nightfall. He hoped for a lot of help coming from the crown. But, the son of King Jezal, Prince Orso had some other plans. He was the man who was known as a specialist in disappointing people.

Savine dan Glokta is known as an investor, socialite, and the daughter of the most feared person in the Union. She planned hard to claw her way to reach the top slot in society. She could go to any extremes to make that happen. However, the slums went on to boil over with wrath which wasn’t possible for the whole money of the world to control. The machine age dawns but the magic age refuses to die.

Audio A Little Hatred free

You will have higher hopes after listening to the sample of this book. The actual read at length wouldn’t disappoint you at all.

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