Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy Book 3: The Last Command

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The Thrawn Trilogy

The subject book is book three of the Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy. It is a fantastic science fiction fantasy novel. The author of this novel is Timothy Zahn who has written some immensely amazing and popular novels. His best novels include the likes of Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendency and Thrawn: Alliances (Star Wars).

Marc Thompson did the narration of this chapter and it was just flawless. The performance was epic and the audience loved every bit of it.

The Thrawn Trilogy, Book 3 audiobook free

The besieged Republic spools from the Grand Admiral Thrawn attacks who has marshaled the remnants of the Imperial forces. He had managed to push back the rebels with some repulsive technology that was recovered from the secret fortress of the Emperor.  Those were the clone soldiers. Han along with Chewbacca struggled hard to set up a smugglers’ coalition just when Thrawn got set for his final siege. The ultimate motive was to strike a last-ditch attack against the umpire while Leia took charge of the Alliance together. She was also preparing at that time for the birth of her twins (Jedi).

The Republic had one major hope left only after being overawed by the clones and ships at the command of the Thrawn. They had to send a small force only which should ideally be led by Luke Skywalker. A final danger is awaiting ahead for them just as Dark Jedi moves the war against the Rebels.

The book is amazing and it received a lot of readerships both in the print and audio versions. The writing of Timothy Zahn is top class and he had already proven that in a number of his prior novels. The way he created the plot of this novel and played with his characters is absolutely amazing.

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