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Blade Runner audiobook is a book written by Philip K. Dick. He was an American writer who is known for his brilliant work in the science fiction fantasy category and Blade Runner is one of them. The author has published 44 novels in his lifetime and also 121 short stories. The majority of his short stories were published in science fiction magazines which had a lot of readerships. A Scanner Darkly and The Man in the High Castle are his best novels that the audience thoroughly enjoyed.

Scott Brick is here to bless this novel with his inspiring voice. His performance was outstanding and he managed to make it a very enjoyable experience for all the followers of this novel in audio format.

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The novel depicts the time of 2021 where the World War has killed millions of people. It drove the entire species into extermination and humankind was sent out of the planet. The ones who remained coveted the remaining living beings and the companies built some highly truthful simulacra. They were horses, cats, birds, and sheep, etc. They have also built humans even. Those who migrated to Mars received androids which were hard to distinguish between a man and a woman. The government banned them from Earth after fearing the havoc that these androids could bring. They went into hiding and now the unauthorized androids or the artificial humans were living among the people.

There is also a movie named Blade Runner which also did quite well. However, science fiction fantasy lovers liked the book experience more than that of the movie. It is worth reading or listening to in audio format.

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