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A Sea of Troubles Thing audiobook

Hi, are you looking for A Sea of Troubles audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

A Sea of Troubles audiobook free

I’m in the middle of book nine in the series. The premise is pretty good and would have made a really good tale. But, this is a tale that seems to never end. Each book is just a continuation of the last one. Typically books in series, such as this, will have a story in each book with a beginning, a middle and a conclusion, with a story arc being carried on over the series. Not so here. The problems that our hero John Pearce encountered in the first book have not been resolved at all over the nine following. In fact, twists and turns to the tale are added along the way with none of the new problems being resolved. I think it’s time to wind this series down and come to some conclusion. Maybe by book 25 the way it’s going. At that time maybe our friend John will get to marry his sweetheart, he can resolve the Pelican problems and decide what he want to do with his own future. Who knows.

The John Pearce series is well-written and the plot has been carefully crafted as well. Descriptions, dialogue, and characters are all good. Donahie’s vocabulary and understanding of nautical terms and situations make the story thing true.

Review #2

A Sea of Troubles audiobook in series John Pearce

I like the series and I liked this book. Being a retired Navy man I love all stories from this period of history. I want more stories on John Pearce for my Kindle. The one problem I have with the Pearce series is just when you get interested in something that’s going on the author goes to a different character and the complexion of the whole story changes. They are hard to follow as the characters change.

The John pearce series is good but the author takes to long to resolve issues and move on. This is the nineth and last book at the moment in the series and he is still dealing with getting his three friends out of the Royal Navy who were illegally inducted, oh yes and his hatred for his first captain who really isn’t any more rotten than the vast majority of captains of that erra. I hope he writes more of these and soon and as mentioned moves on to a new subject, the illegal impressment isue is definitely wearing very thin. I hope in series 10 his friends decied to stay in the navy and his girlfriends husband dies so he can marry the poor girl and not be a social outcast also at some point he should be trained in naval ways his promotion to officer being a whim of the king after a brave assist in taking a French capital ship but leaving him very unfit to assume his position as leuftemant, please excuse spelling errors.

This entire series is different from most written about the era. The characters are reluctant members of the Navy, who, nonetheless, manage to do well within its ranks. These characters are very well developed, as are the plots and sub plots that keep one wanting more!

Review #3

Audiobook A Sea of Troubles by David Donachie

Like all this John Pierce series it is going nowhere fast. So much of the book is taken up with the “back story”, that the new plot is nothing more than a short story. Surely, this tale should be going somewhere by now, but it plainly isn’t. I know this can happen in a series with one character, but C.S. Forrester and Patrick O’Brian managed it. So did others. I’ve had enough now, I won’t buy any more of this series.

I am thoroughly enjoying reading the books regarding John Pearce and his adventures in the time period of Nelson and the Royal Navy.

Review #4

Audio A Sea of Troubles narrated by Peter Wickham

I enjoy the characters and the historical environment of the story but the books never reach a break point or what seems to be a logical stopping point to begin the next book. The John Pearce series has simply become a single never ending story that seems to run on and never resolve any issues. I am starting to feel like I am continually watching the first forty minutes of my favorite one hour TV show.

Review #5

Free audio A Sea of Troubles – in the audio player below

I love stories of the sea, especially those set in the days of sail; but this book is too difficult to read. If C. S. Forester and Patrick O’Brien have set the standard (which I believe they have), then this falls far below it. The author seems to be afraid to end a sentence. Reminds me of some of the tougher sledding in Moby Dick. I gave it up after a half hour. The writing should get out of the way and let the story come through. Here the writing is an impediment. This might be a great yarn, but I’ll never know.

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