Alien Conquest (The Warrior’s Prize)

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Alien Conquest (The Warrior’s Prize) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Alien Conquest (The Warrior’s Prize) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Alien Conquest (The Warrior’s Prize) audiobook free

I liked the sample so I bought the book. The heroine was abducted by aliens but kept calm and tried her best to stay strong, use her common sense and be true to herself. But then weird stuff started happening. She saw a big fierce scary lizardy alien and immediately thought he was hot and sexy. Really? Then both of these strong, serious and practical people started taking stupid chances to be with each other – when they\’d only just met! *spoilers* The ending was unbelievable as well. All these people showering and dressing her didn\’t notice the rope tied around her waist? Or the scales on her back? Hmm.


Review #2

Alien Conquest (The Warrior’s Prize) audiobook streamming online

Surprising suspense filled twists and turns in this amazing THRILLING READING BY SCARLETT RHONE. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! Each page brings you involved in the characters and their fight for freedom. Your emotions are engaged with their struggles. Heartwarming love story of totally different worlds ,species and yet many boundaries and obstacles are conquered through unwavering commitment in their love for each other. A MUST READ FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR OWN PERSONAL LIBRARY!! Highly Recommending that you Pick Up!! ??????????????????????


Review #3

Audiobook Alien Conquest (The Warrior’s Prize) by Scarlett Rhone

I\’ve read many alien romances – human girl kidnapped, sold into slavery, alien hero rescues her – this book is so originally good and keeps you drawn in to the story with each page being a new twist or turn from all those other alien romances! The heroine and hero save not only each other, but a evil-like alien who makes their lives hard from the start! It\’s not until the end that you know for sure that this will be a HEA read- and, goodness, is it ever a amazing ending to this great story. I can\’t wait to see what this author brings next


Review #4

Audio Alien Conquest (The Warrior’s Prize) narrated by Addison Spear

This book was awful. The plot was really lame and the writing was overly descriptive. I laterally skipped whole pages and she was still on the same scene. The main character female was completely unbelievable and she was unlikable. The male lead seemed to be a bit better but I just can\’t see how he survived as long as he had in the arena with all the problems he has with his peers. It was just stupid and you shouldn\’t waste time or money on it.


Review #5

Free audio Alien Conquest (The Warrior’s Prize) – in the audio player below

The was my first time reading anything from this author. I adored this book. I will definitely continue reading her books. This book was a definite reread. The characters came alive in this story. I enjoyed every twist and turn the H and h had to take to reach their HEA. I really appreciated how the author gave a detailed epilogue. Can\’t wait for her next book.


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