An Echo in the Bone

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An Echo in the Bone audiobook is a romance fantasy novel. The book is chapter seven of the Outlander novel series. The book and the series are written by Diana Gabaldon. Diana is mainly known for her Outlander novel series. However, she has written plenty of novels in the mystery thriller, science fiction, action & adventure genres. A couple of her quality novels include Seven Stones to Stand or Fall and Dragonfly in Amber.

Davina Porter is at her usual best with the performance in An Echo in the Bone. She managed to get the characters of Claire and Jamie perfectly, including all the supporting characters.

An Echo in the Bone audiobook free

Jamie Fraser was fully aware of his time-traveling wife that America will win the Revolutionary war at any cost. Her name was Claire and she was quite optimistic about the win despite all odds and challenge sin between. However, that fact offers very little solace. It is because Jamie realized that he could find himself directing some weapon at his very own son. His son was a young and promising officer in the British Army.

Jamie is not the only one who is known for having a tormented soul. Claire might be aware that who will come out victorious from the conflict. But, she had no idea if Jamie, her beloved would survive the threat. The stakes are quite high in this novel for Jamie and Claire.

The book the entire Outlander novel series is amazing. It is recommended to start this series in the given order. This will give you a true context of what this series is all about and how the characters are developed in the storyline.

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