Written in My Own Heart’s Blood

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Diana Gabaldon is an amazing American author of multiple genres. She truly excels in romance historical fiction, adventure, mystery, and science fiction novels. The Outlander is her best series so far that made millions of fans worldwide. A TV adaptation of the subject series was aired in 2014. If you want to know about the best novels from the author then Seven Stones to Stand or Fall and Dragonfly in Amber would make an incredible choice.

Many of the books written by Diana are performed by Davina Porter in audio format. This was the case with Written in My Own Heart’s Blood too. The performance turned out to be amazing which was expected from Davin Porter as always. This book is the eighth installment in the Outlander novel series. The book is a beautiful romance fantasy.

Written in My Own Heart’s Blood audiobook free

It was the year 1778 when France declared war against Great Britain. The British Army took no time in leaving Philadelphia while the troops of George Washington left Valley Forge in the quest. At this point, Jamie made a return from a supposed boggy grave for the sake of some discovery. He believed that his dear friend has now married his wife and his illegitimate son has discovered his real father. Ian, his beloved nephew is keen to marry a Quaker. Claire, his wife in the meantime is busy picking up the pieces along with jenny, his sister.

This eighth chapter is believed to be the best one from the Outlander novel series by many keen followers. The writing by Diana is amazing and Davina narrates it beautifully as if she is telling you a very gripping story in a powerful voice.

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