Thrawn (Star Wars)

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Thrawn (Star Wars) audio comes as chapter 12 of the popular Star Wars novel series. It is also the first installment in the Star Wars: Thrawn series. This is a science fiction fantasy and had an immense following since the first chapter of the series came out. The book is written by Timothy Zahn. The other popular books from the author and the same series are Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy and Thrawn: Treason.

Marc Thompson has done the narration of this chapter. His performance was outstanding and there is hardly any flaw that you could highlight.

Thrawn (Star Wars) audiobook free

In this inspiring and definitive novel of the Star Wars series, the listeners would enjoy the rise of Thrawn to power. It will go on to uncover some of the events which created the most iconic villains in the history of Star Wars. You need to check out this novel to believe it.

The character of Thrawn is of an Admiral who is not driven by domination or evil. He is a master of all the military tactics. He has also got the flare for studying the art and culture of different species.

The novel gives the audience great insight into the thought process of Thrawn as he goes on to ascend in the military ranks. He skillfully handles all the challenges such as bigotry, tangling with the other tactical master, and training outsiders with his skills.

The tale of this novel and in the entire Star Wars series are believed to be vast as much as the galaxy. You will experience some canon shifts, overlapping timelines, and an exciting cast of characters. All these contributed to make this an unforgettable tale in the series.

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