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Any Other Name audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Any Other Name audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Any Other Name audiobook free

Normally, my reviews are critical. I need to change that with Craig Johnson. I LOVE every single one of his books…from The Cold Dish to this one. First the characters: they are varied, they are real, they are sympathetic and quirkly and just plain funny. they change and grow over the series. Each one is different, each has a story with drama and with humor.
All have stories of their own. From the old sheriff with one let to the guy who keeps escaping from jail and ending up in the back of Longmire’s truck to the one whose children pulled him off the roof as he was cleaning the chimney and dragged him down the road. Johnson writes with a wonderful subtle sense of humor. Dialogue is real and it’s always interesting…no ‘filler’ anywhere that I can see.He’s never smarmy, doesn’t trade on cheap emotion or soppy stories.

Nevertheless, he’s not afraid to take on current and historical issues…in particular the life of the Indian in the west (no, Johnson does not use ‘Native American’ and you will see why) and in one book Viet Nam. But he’s never heavy handed, never preachy. He manages to get his message across in a way that incites sympathy without pity.

If you have a chance, listen to George Guidell read you one of Johnson’s books…he has become Walt himself for me.

I really am not a gusher. And this is probably the first unabashedly wholehearted ‘BRAVO’ that I have ever given. But if this is your first Johnson book, I envy you the pleasure of reading the rest. You have a whole bunch of interesting characters (including a horse named Sue and a dog named Dog) and great stories to look forward to.

May you, Mr. Johnson, and the folks of Absaroca Sheriff’s Office in Wyoming (it is so real I honestly got out my atlas to see the county was there) may you all live forever.

Review #2

Any Other Name series Walt Longmire

If what you like is Craig Johnson at his nail biting, shoot ’em up best, this is a read for you. I’ve read all the Longmire mysteries and enjoyed every one of them. Walt Longmire attracts trouble like a navy blue blazer attracts cat fur. This opus has Longmire, with the dubious assistance of Lucian, investigating the suicide of a fellow law enforcement officer, who has been investigating cold cases for the FBI in his retirement. Very warm files on recently missing women appear among the cold cases and lead Longmire down another trail. one that begins with the decedent’s wife.

To complicate matters, Longmire has a deadline to appear in Philadelphia for the birth of his first grandchild. Not known for keeping family engagements, his daughter keeps after him to catch his flight, and as the action ramps up, she reads her father the riot act and threatens to cut him out of her life and that of his son-to-be-born-grandchild. As Walt always does, though, he has to see the job through to the bitter end.

Walt finds himself attacked by a herd of white buffalo in a snow storm, wounded by one of the perpetrators in the missing persons cases, and drugged and hallucinating in the state game lodge, where he carries on a conversation with Calvin Coolidge’s wife and other winsome ghosts.

Shot and roughed up, staggering around on his last leg, Walt summons the strength to keep going. He escapes from the hospital and begins putting the pieces of the case together. Having tracked down one of the missing women only to watch her get killed, he discovers the common thread. He takes more calls from his daughter reminding him that he is about to lose his family, but he won’t get on a plane until the case is over.

Longmire goes through more close calls, nearly getting shot again, almost getting buried under tons of coal, and almost getting run over by a train, but he nabs the perp, makes his flight, and gets to Philadelphia. Does he get to the hospital in time? Tune in for the next episode.

Review #3

Audiobook Any Other Name by Craig Johnson

This is a wonderful series that blends the best of modern detective fiction and the Western genre, and should appeal to fans of either. Although each novel works as a stand-alone story, they are best read in order to fully appreciate the character and plot development. If you have been following the TV series, you can still read the books: the storylines are different enough so that both are interesting. Likewise, the characters are similar but not quite the same. Usually I have a preference for the book over the film version, and in rare instances vice versa, but I can honestly say this is the only series where I enjoy both equally. I do slightly prefer the way the story is developing in the novels, but YMMV. The fact that author Craig Johnson lends a guiding hand to the TV series probably goes a long way towards its harmonious co-existence with the novels.

Review #4

Audio  Any Other Name narrated by George Guidall

Last year a friend dropped off three books with kind of plain, non-glossy bindings – Longmire mysteries… “You might like these.” I did. I know that before long I will have read all Craig Johnson’s Longmire books. The TV series sort of supplements the books. The characterizations are different, but the casting is good. Taylor makes a memorable Walt Longmire and it doesn’t hurt to hold that picture in your mind as you read the books. As mysteries, the novels are intriguing. And the strengths of these books include a sense of the rugged, remote and still wild Wyoming environs. Johnson takes you there and you are right in the rough land and quirky places with the sheriff. The dog is a bonus

Review #5

Free audio Any Other Name – in the audio player below

The Walt Longmire series is one of my very favorites! Walt is his typical understated, yet bad-ass, self. There is a little less of the Cheyenne Nation in this one, which I miss. I love Henry! His daughter is not there physically, but drives the story to its conclusion with the imminent birth of Sheriff Longmire’s grandchild. The continuing relationship between the Sheriff and his under-sheriff, Victoria, brought certain conclusions that I was looking forward to after the poignant end of his last book. I loved the way the spiritual world worked its way into the story, but you may need a little back-story to fully understand it. I would recommend starting the series from the beginning and reading them in order.

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