Spilled Milk

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Spilled Milk is a book based on a true story. It is written and narrated by K. L. Randis. She is a brilliant writer and also the founder of the Lovie Journals. She has done considerable work for the victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. K. L. Randis narrated this book herself and it was wonderfully done.

Brooke Nolan is a maltreated child who made an anonymous phone call regarding the increasing brutality in her home.  When her safety got jeopardized by social services, it was then the Spilled Milk glass at the table that pushed her to talk about the cruelty that she endured.

Spilled Milk

In the pursuit of justice and safety, Brooke Nolan fought a broken system that forced her to keep her father along with his secret in the home.

When the jury members along with a love interest congregate to push her to fight, she risked quite a lot. It was about losing all the great support of her family and then she realizes that few people just do not want to be protected or saved.

This book, Spilled Milk is a brilliant novel that is filled with shocking narrative, resiliency, and triumph. The book is highly recommended to all those who are looking for some serious story.

The Spilled Milk book is a true-life tale of resilience. It will tell you about the strength of the human mind and at the same time, it will power you to live a better life. The book is written beautifully and you will find it hauntingly real. This one is a must-read book for all young adults today.

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