Beauty and the Professor (A Modern Fairy Tale Duet)

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Beauty and the Professor (A Modern Fairy Tale Duet) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Beauty and the Professor (A Modern Fairy Tale Duet) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Beauty and the Professor (A Modern Fairy Tale Duet) audiobook free

Unfortunately, this book was problematic for me in quite a few ways. First and foremost, this is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. For this aspect, I think the author did a great job at bringing out the necessary characteristics for both the characters and I can certainly relate them to the beloved fairytale. Secondly, I love a student/teacher romances and haven\’t seen a new one to fit into the genre in ages. So the fact that the author brought this trope back to life thrilled me. Aside from these two things though, the story was severely lacking for me and I almost didn\’t finish it to begin with… First, it\’s lacking in substance. Readers are never able to really get to know the characters because all they do is have sex. I mean it. Literally, that\’s all they do. The author skims over important characteristics of both Erin and Blake that would allow us to get to know them but never truly brings them to life. Secondly, the ending made NO sense. I don\’t care enough about the characters to pay five dollars to see what happens either. I mean, how do you go from being blissfully in love to saying they cannot be together? Feels like a ploy to me and I have no interest in it. This book is clearly not my cup of tea but I hope readers will look at all the reviews before making the decision as to whether they will read this one or not.


Review #2

Beauty and the Professor (A Modern Fairy Tale Duet) audiobook in series A Modern Fairy Tale Duet Series

So.. every other paragraph is sex. I can deal with that even though I found myself literally skimming through them. I love a well written hot sex scene, but dayum dont detract from the story line by overdoing them. My main issue is the cliffhanger. Thumbs up for attempting to milk the reader for money. I typed in stand alone and got this cliffhanging BS. I wont spend my money on books that authors split up just to make a buck. I get the need to earn a living, just be honest about the cliffhanger in the blurb about the novel. One star for the cliffhanger and lack of storyline.


Review #3

Audiobook Beauty and the Professor (A Modern Fairy Tale Duet) by Skye Warren

I felt like everything was worked out at the end. Literally on the last 2-3 pages. Then all the sudden this is not going to work out? It should have ended with the notes and then gone into the second book. Just really confused with this back and forth stuff.


Review #4

Audio Beauty and the Professor (A Modern Fairy Tale Duet) narrated by Lia Langola Stephen Dexter

Beauty and the Professor by Skye Warren is the first book in her Modern Fairy Tale Duet. A sexy, steamy modern re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. Erin is a grad student on scholarship and loans and working her way through the expenses by cleaning in her free time. Her favorite job, by far, is her twice a week visit to the reclusive Blake Morris. A wounded vet and one-time professor, he was badly burned in his last tour and has made himself a recluse as a result. But when Erin sees Blake she sees the whole man, not just a man with scars. Blake has no need of having his house cleaned twice a week but the company that Erin provides is addictive. So if he has to pay her to be there, so be it. But when Erin witnesses something he wishes she hadn\’t he is wiling to let her go, but despite everything, it just pulls her in and they begin their affair with no idea what troubles lay ahead. Well-written and well-paced and filled with steamy, sexy encounters the story held it\’s own amidst the various smoking hot scenes between Erin & Blake. Loved it – will definitely be finishing this duet with book two, Falling for the Beast as soon as possible. Enjoy!


Review #5

Free audio Beauty and the Professor (A Modern Fairy Tale Duet) – in the audio player below

Can\’t stand cliffhangers. Will try to remember not to read this author in the future. I agree with another reader about the numerous sex scenes. Normally love them, but found myself skipping over a lot in this book.


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