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Captivate Audiobook

Captivate is a nonfictional book on career success. This book is written and narrated by Vanessa Van Edwards. She is a behavioral investigator/ scientist and an author. She also has expertise as a body language trainer with a specialization in the science-based skills of the people. She is as good as a narrator as she is a writer. You will like her soft and smooth tone that she consistently used in this nonfictional audiobook. The overall audiobook experience in her voice will be really good.


Have you ever thought about or wished to decode people? Do you want to know about a working formula for charisma? DO you know what one needs to say exactly to their wife, partner, boss, or networking partner? You need to know all about that how people work.

Vanessa Van Edwards has studied a lot about the hidden forces as a human behavior investigator. She argues that such are the forces that are responsible for driving all of our behavior patterns. She can crack that special code in her lab. In this book now, she shares some really useful stuff about the valuable shortcuts and behavioral hacks to take charge of the different interactions at home or work.

Free Audiobook Captivate

The things discussed here are not those people skills which you might have learned in your school. They are different and something really practical to make a good impact on your lives. This book, Captivate is believed to be the first science-based, comprehensive, real-time guide on the behavior of human beings. This book discussed an entirely new approach that is required to making the much-needed connections.

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