Left of Bang

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Left of Bang Audiobook

Left of Bang is a book on military history. It is a book written by Patrick Van Home and coauthored by Jason A. Riley. This book is about the famous Combat Hunter Program of the US Marine Corps which could play a significant role in saving the lives of people. Patrick Van Home served in the US Marine and he is also the CEO and founder of The CP Journal. On the other hand, Jason A. Riley has also served in the US Marine Corps as an infantry officer. Both, Patrick and Riley are also authors.

Danny Campbell has narrated a lot of books and you will always like him for his soft yet impactful voice. This is exactly what he has offered in this book and it sounds well and easy for the listeners.

Left of Bang

You walk into some restaurant and you get an instant feeling that you must leave the place. You are just about to get in an elevator with a stranger and ten there is something weird inside you that stops you from doing so.

Your interview with a candidate for a job who has got the right resume for the position but there is something special which tells you for not handing over the job offer. These are the different kind of scenarios that many of us experience and these are all the ones which represent as: ‘left of bang’, the seconds before something bad or unwanted happens. But, how many times have you did something or talked to yourself before you leave that restaurant, restrict yourself in the elevator, or getting some stupid gut feeling about someone?

Free Audiobook Left of Bang

This comprehensive guide will allow you to tackle all such situations very wisely in your life.

You might find the first quarter of this book to be a bit boring and unnecessary. After that, it goes so smooth and you will love it for the remainder of the book.

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