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The novel is written in a way that the listener feels that Gideon and Eva are telling us the tale of their life. The use of the first person pronoun gives the clear hint that one of them is narrating these incidents on most occasions. Gideon is the one who expresses his love for Eva on many occasions and shows that he is really serious about her. Eva on the other hand is not very talkative and we listen to her feelings only through her monologues in which she reveals her love for Gideon.


It is Eva who tells the audience that Gideon is helping her in facing her demons but at the same time the man is running from some personal issues of his own. Sylvia Day has kept these two characters complex in Bared to You and Reflected in You as well. The mystery which develops around the couple takes the fans away from the main story as everyone gets interested in the personal lives of these two characters.

Narrators Jill Redfield and Jeremy York also put more stress on characterization in this episode. Devils who were in search of Eva have been finally dealt with and it is quite evident that she is now a free girl who can make love with Gideon.

Tragically now the hero of Eva’s life is trapped with the same kind of demons and he seems to require her help. The story shifts but the love does not fly away, it remains at the core of the story and its theme. Now even the audience wants to see these two love birds together because they have faced a lot.

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