Caves of Ice

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Caves of Ice

Review #1

Caves of Ice audiobook free

Another great addition to the series, introduces a lot of character growth and Cain getting out of danger once again.

Review #2

Caves of Ice audiobook Series Warhammer

I really cannot understate how much I dislike the writing. But I did finish the book ultimately, though it took me longer than I normally require for something of this length.

What really bothers me is that the book repeatedly makes fun of prose and certain phrases, but then unironically commits the same “sins” it purports to abhor. Further, the repeated mentions of prayers to the emperor, Cain’s reluctance, and the endless foreshadowing, really makes the writing a chore to go through.

The sad thing is, plot-wise, it’s pretty competent, but Mitchell’s writing style leaves a lot to be desired, when the 40k universe is rife with tremendously-competent authors

Review #3

Audiobook Caves of Ice by Sandy Mitchell

This book is a fascinating read, a must have for any Warhammer 40k has everything from Ork to a special enemy, it has twist and turns and a fun dash of humor that can only be found in Commissar Cain’s stories.

Review #4

Audio Caves of Ice narrated by Stephen Perring

Like the first novel of the series, Caiphas Cain delivers the goods: roguish humor, desperate adventures, nefarious monsters and enough action to keep a day at the beach entertaining. With the now familiar cast of characters back for an encore and a whole new suit of villainous villains determined to wipe out humanity, Caves of Ice feels comfortable without yet being stale. We’ll see if Book 3 can also maintain the pace.

Review #5

Free audio Caves of Ice – in the audio player below

It was hard to get a hold of this, but I did! And it was worth it. Read on as Cain freezes his nads off on a frozen planet while his troops merrily take it all in stride. Ork’s are coming, so Cain decides to take what he thinks is a safer mission underground. You probably get the idea from there.

My only frustration is the lack of copies and the insane prices they sell at. It’s a treasure to read and I am glad I spent the money when i found one at a reasonable price, which was still high for your average paperback.

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