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Cornering Carmen Audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Cornering Carmen audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Cornering Carmen audiobook free

I’m currently working my way through the Dragon Lords of Valdier series, and I absolutely adore having all the books available in audio format. Ever since I began reading the series, I’ve been eagerly anticipating Carmen’s story, and it certainly lived up to my expectations. Despite being another perspective from the previous books and marking the conclusion of the five women who were abducted from Earth in the first book, Carmen’s story managed to introduce fresh plot twists and captivating content. This aspect prevented the narrative from feeling like a mere repetition of the previous four books. Carmen’s tale captivated me, and I eagerly anticipate delving into the remaining books in the series.

One of the remarkable strengths of this series lies in its characters. I appreciate how the female characters are consistently portrayed as strong and resilient, while the male characters strike the perfect balance between irresistibly charismatic alphas and compassionate warriors. Consequently, the intimate scenes within the stories become simultaneously steamy, passionate, and romantic. Each installment strikes the right balance between humor, suspense, action, passion, and intensity. It is a well-crafted science fiction romance with a solid and engaging plot.

Additionally, I must commend David Brenin for his incredible performance in bringing the characters and their emotions to life. His narration has truly enhanced my enjoyment of the series thus far.

Review #2

Cornering Carmen audiobook Series Shifters Unbound

Carmen’s story serves as the concluding chapter for the group of five girls who were taken in the first book. Out of all the girls, Carmen has faced the greatest challenges from her past. While she may appear tough on the outside, she carries a fragility within her. The ideal partner for her is Creon, the youngest and darkest of the warriors. Together, they heal each other and share a profound understanding that surpasses others’ comprehension.

What I particularly enjoy about each book is the subtle revisiting of events from the first book. Personally, it helps me recollect the current point in the series and how we arrived there. It’s also intriguing to delve into the thoughts of each girl and gain their perspectives on the events. As the series progresses, we witness relationships developing much earlier than they initially appeared to others. The scene where they discover their ability to transform into dragons remains a pivotal moment in each book. Finally, we see what all the characters knew at that point and gain a clearer understanding of the relationships. It’s fascinating to realize that things were not as they seemed when I first read that scene from Abby’s point of view.

The mixed point of view adds an extra layer of depth as we delve into the minds of numerous characters. There is much to be learned from this style of writing. However, some of the transitions can be a bit choppy, with snippets from one person’s perspective abruptly shifting back to the main point of view. This occasionally disrupts the flow of the story. Nevertheless, it is always clear whose perspective we are experiencing, even if the transitions aren’t the smoothest.

These books are undeniably steamy, offering plenty of tantalizing details. Expect sizzling mating scenes and even some steamy encounters in dragon form. The passion depicted in the narrative perfectly complements the reading experience, providing readers with the sensuous fix they crave.

David Brenin’s narration is a delectable treat for the ears! His voice carries a delicious rumble when portraying the warriors. It’s knee-melting, swoon-worthy, and oh-so-sexy! That’s why he’s firmly in my favorites column, and I eagerly anticipate his next steamy performance. His smooth pacing effortlessly matches the energy of the story—I simply can’t get enough!

I absolutely adore this series; it exudes creativity, and the characters are immensely entertaining. Expect this book to seamlessly continue the momentum of the other stories while expanding upon the interconnected threads. We are introduced to intriguing new supporting characters, Valdier Warriors who will find their own human mates, a Serafin cat shifter who ends up with a delightfully sassy partner, and tantalizing hints about a certain mother of dragons and a wilderness dad. Not only does this book take us deeper into our current journey, but it also adds several side series books to my ever-growing TBR list! I’m thrilled to have discovered this author and to enjoy her works in audio format.

Review #3

Audiobook Cornering Carmen by Cris Dukehart

Carmen’s journey marks the culmination of the original women who were beamed aboard the Valdier Spaceship when Zoran’s brothers came to Earth for a rescue mission (as depicted in book 1). While parts of the story overlap with the previous books, this installment focuses on Carmen and Creon. Carmen had experienced the devastating loss of her husband, the love of her life, and her sole purpose had become seeking revenge for his death. However, as Earth faded from view, her hopes for revenge slipped further away, leaving her lost and devoid of any reason to live.

Yet, Carmen’s assumption proved incorrect, for the handsome Valdierian Warrior/Prince, Creon, was watching her. As his Symbiot claimed her and his inner Dragon declared “mine, mine, mine,” he was astounded to realize that he had finally found his mate. However, he recognized the need to proceed with caution, as he witnessed the grief, loss, and pain that burdened this shattered Earth woman. Nevertheless, he was willing to do anything to win the ultimate prize—Carmen.

Once again, this audiobook takes listeners on a tumultuous, amusing, passionate, and angsty journey. Earth women demonstrate to these fierce Warriors that they too possess strength, resourcefulness, cleverness, and cunning. They showcase various facets of their personalities—fiery when angered, soft, caring, and playful when in the mood, and profoundly supportive and sensual once they fall in love. Thus, Creon finds himself completely unaware of how Carmen will revolutionize his way of thinking, transform his life, and bring newfound brightness and happiness to his world. The story is replete with drama caused by the Uncle, a vibrant cast of secondary characters, the rescue of two abandoned humans (with a few surprising twists), the pursuit of revenge, and a dual point of view romance that is sweet, tender, funny, hot, and filled with passion as Carmen discovers joy and love for the second time.

Is it worth a credit? Undoubtedly so. Although the books share a common theme, each story presents a unique tale. Now that all five Earth women have been claimed, numerous Warriors are seeking these captivating Earth women for themselves. This particular audiobook offers an immensely enjoyable and well-narrated sci-fi love story brimming with humor, romance, steamy encounters, and dominant alpha warriors. It is absolutely worth investing a credit in.

Review #4

Audio Cornering Carmen narrated by Cris Dukehart

While this story bears similarities to its predecessors, it brings so much more to the table. It’s finally time for Carmen’s tale to unravel, and what an extraordinary story it is. It’s absolutely worth spending a credit on. The narrator’s performance is truly fantastic. I eagerly anticipate the release of the remaining books in audio format. Furthermore, I hope that the stories of the Serafin Warriors will soon be made available. That promises to be an exceptional series to listen to, especially considering how well it ties into the world of Valdier.

Review #5

Free audio Cornering Carmen – in the audio player below

I derived just as much pleasure from the audiobook as I did from the ebooks! The narrator’s performance was superb, enhancing the overall experience. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who revels in alien romance.

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