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Simple Genius Audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Simple Genius audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Simple Genius audiobook free

The characters in this book are truly remarkable, and the plot is incredibly believable. The suspense throughout the story had me on the edge of my seat, eagerly turning each page. The ending tied everything together nicely, leaving me satisfied and fulfilled. I genuinely relished every moment while reading this book. Without a doubt, David Baldacci has quickly become my favorite author. I highly recommend picking up this captivating read.

Review #2

Simple Genius audiobook Series King and Maxwell

I’m a dedicated fan of Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, the former Secret Service agents turned private investigators. These two characters have won me over with their admirable qualities. Maxwell’s courage, resilience, and determination to confront villains head-on, especially as a strong woman, truly impress me. As for King, I appreciate how he values Maxwell as an equal and takes her for granted. He generally exercises thoughtfulness before taking action, though not always.

However, I must admit that I’m not as enthusiastic about their creator, author David Baldacci. Occasionally, his plots strain credibility, and there are instances where he misuses words. Furthermore, he has a tendency to include unnecessary descriptors. For instance, when a character asks an obvious question, he may add “she said, interrogatively.” Frankly, such a descriptor is redundant since it’s clear she’s asking a question.

“Simple Genius” deviates from the typical Baldacci novel in two notable ways. Firstly, it casts Maxwell in an unfamiliar role, seeking psychiatric help to address a deeply buried emotional trauma. Secondly, King and Maxwell embark on separate investigations, pursuing two distinct cases. Maxwell uncovers criminal activities within the mental institution she voluntarily enters, while King delves into the mysterious death of a computer genius.

Baldacci deserves credit for providing readers with an extensive glimpse into Maxwell’s life and introducing intriguing secondary characters. Among them, an FBI agent proves out of his depth when investigating the murder of the computer genius. However, the author loses points by placing a highly classified CIA training facility across a river from a privately-owned think tank, both shrouded in mystery. The CIA would undoubtedly prioritize security and refrain from locating a facility in such close proximity to another private establishment. It turns out that the CIA facility is surprisingly easy to breach—the deceased computer genius and even King and Maxwell manage to infiltrate it. While there are other plot issues, I won’t delve into them to avoid spoiling the experience for those who haven’t read or listened to the book. I’ll simply note that, once again, Baldacci stretches the limits of plausibility.

For avid Baldacci fans, “Simple Genius” remains a decent read, though it doesn’t quite reach the standards set by other bestselling authors. I award it four stars solely because of my genuine fondness for the King and Maxwell characters.

Review #3

Audiobook Simple Genius by David Baldacci

Michelle finds herself embroiled in trouble soon after the events unfold in this book. She enters a bar and immediately engages in a physical altercation with the toughest patron she lays her eyes on, almost pushing him to the brink of death. Miraculously, she relents and allows him to survive, but in turn, he seeks revenge and nearly takes her life. The situation escalates, attracting the attention of the police who intervene just in time, narrowly saving her from certain death. Although she succumbs to her injuries briefly in the ambulance and at the hospital, the medical team manages to revive her, and over time, she gradually recuperates.

Sean finally recognizes that Michelle is grappling with mental issues. In an effort to aid her recovery, he exhausts all his personal funds and the resources of their partnership to secure the services of a psychiatrist. In order to recoup some money, he undertakes a perilous assignment that involves delving into a web of murder implicating the CIA, FBI, and DIA at two separate camps situated on opposite banks of the York River in Virginia. It seems they can never quite escape rural Virginia, where sinister events frequently transpire.

On the “private” side of the river, under surveillance by the aforementioned government agencies, a secret camp harbors civilian geniuses dedicated to developing cryptic codes. Sean’s mission is to investigate the suspicious demise of a brilliant individual who swam across to the CIA side, where a clandestine camp hosts weekly visits from a large jet carrying foreign spies at 2 am.

Amidst a backdrop of swimming and profound contemplation, it emerges that the deceased individual left behind a young daughter who, in her own right, possesses remarkable intelligence. With Michelle joining his side, Sean takes on the responsibility of caring for the girl and introduces her to the joys of kayaking. As more fatalities occur within the genius camp, Sean finds himself pursuing the wife of the CIA camp’s chief, who may not be precisely who she claims to be—perhaps she is the true CIA chief. Suspicion clouds the identities of everyone involved, including the seemingly friendly county sheriff who invites Sean to collaborate in the murder investigations.

The narrative unfolds with further instances of swimming and gunfire. Along the way, the reasons behind Michelle’s penchant for maintaining her vehicles in disarray are revealed. Sean and Michelle face torment at the hands of the CIA, an ordeal that curiously appears to alleviate Michelle’s desire for self-destruction.

Review #4

Audio Simple Genius narrated by Scott Brick

king and Maxwell are I interesting people in complicated cated plots. I am hoping there is a 4th book in this series

Review #5

Free audio Simple Genius – in the audio player below

After a considerable gap since my last encounter with a King and Maxwell book, it took me some time to fully immerse myself in this one. Initially, it didn’t captivate my attention, but as the narrative focused on Babbage Town and Camp Peary, the story gained momentum, and I found myself increasingly engrossed. By the end, I thoroughly relished the reading experience. The exploration of coding and conspiracy, intertwined with historical events, added an intriguing dimension that I genuinely appreciated.

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