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Covet audiobook – Audience Reviews

Review #1

Covet full audiobook free

Spoiler alerts:

Loved Crave. Frustrated with Crush. Annoyed with Covet.

Im all for strong male/female characters with a story line which balances itself. grace and Hudson do this well, but at the expense of Jaxon. This is where I get annoyed because the author makes Jaxon to be one of the most powerful vampire in the world in Crave, but throws him under the bus in Crush and Covet.

Grace is a whiny girl, with a chip on her shoulder, who couldnt understand as much as she needed to learn to be strong Jaxon needed to learn to let her be strong. So what happens, she falls for the brother in her head? She is mated to Hudson immediately and never given a true choice on who shes to love freely? On her death bed non the less. Oh except she was! With Jaxon but Crush and Covet all but skip over the choice of who Grace loves when given complete freedom to choose without a mating bond.

If youre a team Hudson, youll love these books. if you are team Jaxon, maybe not so much. I dont know. There was a lot of scenes the author could have left out and not ruined the storyline to make the books a little shorter. My guess is Heather will be the her.

Review #2

Covet audiobook in series Crave

It’s been a few weeks since I first read this book and it was an emotional experience so I decided to read it again to see if I had a different take on it, knowing what was to come. Most of my first review stands. I still think the book isn’t perfect. There are flaws– long descriptions and romance scenes that were a bit more steam than romance.

In my initial review I said Jaxon was so irritating that I was hoping someone would just shoot him. My opinion of him mellowed with the second read. I still think it was Jaxon’s arrogance that landed him in the position he’s in, in this book. Come on, most of us tear up our credit card receipts and he just tossed the spell to break his mating bond in a trash can. Seriously? But I did feel more sympathy for him reading it this time around. On the other hand having him become an object of pity didn’t add to his appeal. It just made him seem sad. And watching Grace and Hudson sacrifice their happiness for Jaxon didn’t feel as noble as the author might have intended. But in the end there was a nobility about Jaxon and the sacrifice that was made was totally unexpected.

So, as I said in my initial review, I loved the book. I Even loved it’s flaws because in the end they all had a purpose. This book is more serious than the first two books but then the characters are all becoming adults who are struggling with life and death choices, with love and loss and with the consequences of their decisions. And yet there is still humor, a playfulness between characters and the refreshing writing style of Tracy Wolff.

I couldn’t stop reading it, even the second time around. It made me laugh out loud, I it made me sad and during the last few chapters it made me cry just as much as I did the first time I read it and I never cry when reading a book or watching a movie. It was heartbreaking, touching, sad and happy all at the same time.

What a story. What an emotional ride. I loved every word.

Review #3

Covet audiobook by Tracy Wolff


Pull out your Dr. Pepper cans, pick up a box of cherry Poptarts, get tacos from your favorite shop, and dive into this book!
Honestly, I’ve been looking forward to this book for the last six months and I did NOT disappoint. Tracy keeps wowing me with this story! Some questions have been answered in this book, and more are to be asked.

I cannot wait for September when the fourth and final book, “Court”, is released and all our unanswered questions can finally be answered!

Review #4

Covet audio narrated by Heather Costa Tim Paige

and ACOTAR spoilers? I’m horrible at reviews so bear with me…

I’m not even sure where to start. I freaking loved Crave. One of my favorites. Now that book is pretty much ruined for me and that has never happened to me before in all the series I’ve read. Why make me fall for Jaxon, who is the love interest for two books! TWO!!! Then 1/4th into the third book she’s in love with another guy, and even all up on him in front of Jaxon. Like wtf that is just cruel.

I do like Hudson a lot, but wish he was just her friend. Honestly makes me hate Grace so much. She’s childish, she inconsiderate, and she’s fickle as hell. What I thought was cute/funny in the first book turned into really annoying behavior. She got progressively more frustrating. I so wish Crave ended as a standalone as another reviewer said. I mean what was the point of it?

It would have been one thing if there were a love triangle to begin with but there wasn’t. It feels like she tried to rip off ACOTAR, falling quickly out of love with one person after she gets all her powers and becomes “badass”. Rhys was the “bad guy who you find out is good” and extremely powerful magical abilities with almost no personality flaws, which is what Hudson was portrayed to be. But Jaxon wasn’t a Tamlin at all.

I know the Team Hudson people will love this book but if you Team Jaxon, maybe not so much. Obviously it’s just my opinion, so who knows…

Review #5

free audio Covet – in the audio player below

This book was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions! We get so much more of our favorite characters and meet some new, incredible ones. Cant wait for Court.

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