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Dad Is Fat Audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Dad Is Fat audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Dad Is Fat audiobook free

Good running commentary about parenthood, raising a family in NY city and the inner mental challenges of one of todays best comedians. Gaffigan is unique in the comedy world basing much of his material on the “desert island” basics of food, shelter and family – and more food. Some of his best moments is when he either verbalizes (or in the case of this book – literarily) the inner voices in his head that are always voicing their doubt or dispersions on who he is and what he is doing. The best part of this psychotic interaction is that it reflects what is happening in all of us almost every minute of our waking day – self-doubt, self-questioning and a little self-loathing. As in his stand-up, the voice in the book is the real star of the book by allowing him to make fun of everything about himself, us and society in general.

The book tracks his stand-up pretty closely with lots of repeat if you are fan. If your a fan, its like listening to a good James Taylor song for the 50th time – welcome and never tired on the ears. If your not a fan, you will laugh out loud after you figure his cadence and writing style within a couple of chapters. I recommend you read it as if he is talking to you versus a common read. What I found most enjoyable about the book as I went through it is how he really likes having a bunch of kids and being married without resorting to a bunch of flippant and sentimental tripe. Its a book about family, fatherhood and marriage for the most cynical of us and by the end you see a weirdo who has no business having such blessings basking in the joy of the most mundane parts of his life knowing that he has no right to it.

Not hardly any comments on “Jim Gaffigan the Really Great Comic”, his celebrity lifestyle, name dropping, etc. This guy loves his kids, his wife and has lots of Daddy issues – makes us all feel at home without falling into sappy.

I read the book over several weeks of travel a few chapters at a time. As a recent fan, I knew enough about him to fall into the basic context of 5-kids under 8, raising them in NYC and his wife being his manager. Through the book he reveals more about himself that similar to most really good comics is not always good traits. His funny lines about lazy, staying indoors, take-out, etc. show you this guy has some social anxiety issues. He portrays them in the most light-hearted way mostly, but there is some pain and issues there. The cool part is he also reveals how his wife was able to overcome his challenges and not only sneak in – but bulldoze 5 kids (and counting?).

Review #2

Dad Is Fat audiobook Series Shifters Unbound

Let me first shamelessly plug my wonderful wife and my own two great children, who are quite healthy eaters and have benefited from that. (Especially my wife. As my children are forced to share in part of my genetic material and example, they have also picked up a small number of my bad eating habits.) This being so, the cry of “Dad is fat” is one with which I am familiar. (My usual reply is “Dad is svelte” but no one seems to believe this.) So, when I saw this book was coming out, I could hardly pass it up. It turns out, though our lives are superficially somewhat different, Jim Gaffigan and I are the same person.

I expected to get a few laughs out of this book. Page after page, though, I saw myself and my family. On his father: “When I was growing up, I always assumed my father had six [mine had 3] children so he could have a sufficient lawn crew.” On mothers: “Witnessing [his wife] give birth to five healthy babies has taught me many things, but mostly that I could never have a baby.” On toddlers: “Toddlers love toilet paper…Leave a toddler alone in a bathroom for five seconds, and they somehow unroll three hundred feet of toilet paper with supernatural speed.” (This was my son. Oh, the rolls he unwound.) On kids’ tastes: “…kids are still impressed by a carousel.” (We stop at every carousel we see.)

I suppose in any book on parenting you expect to see something of yourself if you’re a parent but so much of this was right on target. Gaffigan has a thumbsucking daughter, as did I. Gaffigan lives in NYC, as do I, where he has struggled with strollers to walk-up apartments, used various city parks as his backyard, dealt with stomping children and downstairs neighbors (which is why we now live on the first floor with no neighbors below us), taken his kids to NYC sights and shows, and so much more that I still deal with every day. As a Catholic, I also loved his talk about trying to get the kids to pay attention at mass. Rarely do I connect so closely to the author of a book.

I knew who Jim Gaffigan is only vaguely before I’d read this. I recognized him but can’t say that I was a fan. Now I’m a fan. When I finished this book, I said to my wife, “You’ve got to read this. This guy is me.” But funnier.

Review #3

Audiobook Dad Is Fat by Cris Dukehart

I saw Jim Gaffigan’s interview and found him really funny. The book is not bad, I thought it would be a bit better and a bit thicker! Also, although I do appreciate his love for his wife, he seems to go into his admiration for her a bit too much.

Review #4

Audio Dad Is Fat narrated by Cris Dukehart

My husband kept telling me off for laughing out loud while reading this. I couldn’t even help myself, it’s just so funny! My husband obviously hates sunshine and happiness.

Review #5

Free audio Dad Is Fat – in the audio player below

If you’re a parent, especially to multiple children, chances are you’ll nod your head in agreement with Jim Gaffigan’s musings on fatherhood. But even if you’re just a fan of his with no kids, “Dad is Fat” is still a great read. You’ll recognize quite a few of the jokes if you’re familiar with his stand-up. I guess that could be annoying to some, but for me it’s fun to read the words on paper and think of that goofy voice he did and that face he made when he told the joke in that one special.

The book is a collection of essays that are mostly unrelated (okay, the recurring theme is “living in a two-bedroom apartment with five kids is utter chaos”), and they’re not only funny, but heartwarming. Yes, the Hot Pocket guy is an endearing family man. The way he writes about his love for his wife and kids is enough to make you go “aww”, but isn’t sickeningly sugarcoated. He’s brutally honest, but he really seems like a sweet guy and a great husband and father.

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