Dangerous Minds

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Dangerous Minds

Review #1

Dangerous Minds audiobook free

After reading the first of this series, a solid 3.75/5, I wasn’t sure how the sequel would be considering there are no more. It was surprisingly good. Emerson is quirky, in a nerdy, awkward teenage boy kind of way, but it’s endearing and he grows on you. I know, I’m just as shocked by that revelation as everyone else. I found his character to be a little much in the first book, surprised myself by deciding to read the second one and now I’m glad I did. Riley is relatively level headed and how she doesn’t throttle Emerson at times is beyond me, but at some point, it just works and makes for a fun story. Now I kinda wish there was a third book, to at least explore what could become of Emerson and Riley.

Review #2

Dangerous Minds audiobook Series Knight and Moon

Janet Evanovich has a gift for developing quirky interesting characters. The good guys and bad guys clearly delineated. Having the National Park system as the setting was an interesting twist. Interesting story line, but far too much scientific details for my tast. Interested in seeing where Knight and Moon duo go.

Review #3

Audiobook Dangerous Minds by Janet Evanovich

living as a hermit has gone missing, Knight and his impromptu, unofficial team of investigators go on an adventure to find out what could possibly have happened to make an entire island disappear. Their questions lead to a larger mystery that has been guarded by the National Park Service for a century, and as they shed light on the conspiracy, they have to dodge bullets—and hatchets—because someone doesn’t want the truth known.

I don’t remember much from the first Knight and Moon book, Curious Minds, but I didn’t need to. This is classic Evanovich. Superficial but thoroughly entertaining storytelling, characters that manage to be developed without much backstory, and a fascinating, exciting suspense plot. It was SO funny. Rarely books make me laugh out loud (in a good way), but this managed it several times. I want badly to describe my favorite jokes, but I don’t want to ruin it. I went in knowing nothing but the characters, not even the jacket blurb, and I think I enjoyed it more without being able to anticipate the gags.

Review #4

Audio Dangerous Minds narrated by Lorelei King

I liked the information about Hawaii and volcanoes, but the book was so ridiculous that I won’t believe any of it until I can verify it. I’m a fan of science fiction, but the science elements weren’t presented in a believable way. The whole thing was too cartoonist for my taste. I’m a fan of her Stephanie Plum series which has me chuckling or even laughing out loud, but the humor in this missed the mark. It seemed contrived. This series just doesn’t do it for me. As they say, though, your mileage may vary.

Review #5

Free audio Dangerous Minds – in the audio player below

Good read keeps moving to moments in story where you wonder what now. Hope this story line continues, please be soon.

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