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Dark Age is a science fiction fantasy novel. It is written by Pierce Brown. The book is the fifth installment in the Red Rising novel series. Pierce Brown has written a range of fantasy novels where quite a few of them earned a top reputation among book lovers. If we have to name a couple of his best novels then Red Rising and Golden Son would make the easiest choice.

The narration for this novel is done by a team of narrators. It includes Tim Gerard Reynolds, Moira Quirk, John Curless, James Langton, and Rendah Heywood. They managed to give more life and spice to the story.

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It was for more than a decade that Darrow led a top revolution against the immoral color veiled society. He now wages a rogue war on Mercury after being outlawed by the Republic which he founded. He was positive that he could still retrieve the dream of Eo. But some definite questions were coming. Is he still the same hero who once managed to break the chains? Will there be someone else who would rise to take his place?

Lysander au Lune is known as the heir in exile who has now returned to the Core. He is fully determined to make peace prevail again mankind. This would come right at the edge of his sword.

Dark Age is good and the audience of the series mostly had all the positive reviews to share about it. However, this fifth chapter is the weakest of the series so far, but not bad at all. You can easily trust this review to have a good time with this novel in audio format.

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