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Lectures about physical and mental health are soothing to listen to as they heal the mind and soul. But there remains an issue i.e these lectures tend to slip out of the mind after a couple of days.

We forget what idea the author preached thus the whole impact of the book or research just floats away from our mind. For many years people have searched for a way to carve strong ideas in the mind forever. Malcolm Gladwell the author and also the narrator of the book tries a new trick for this purpose.

DAVID AND GOLIATH audiobook free

He uses the old story of David and Goliath at the beginning of the book and then joins his ideas with the story. The story is already a familiar thing to many and for those who haven’t heard it before it is present in the book in simple words. It tells us about a boy who defeated a mighty giant with a stone and sling that he used to carry. For some, the whole incident was a mere chance as the boy proved to be lucky in front of the giant. As for others, it was a sheer display of courage and determination by the boy.

Malcolm takes this idea further in his book and starts talking about successful and unsuccessful people in the world. Some people select the wrong side of the path after failures and then some remain determined. The author is of the view that David was successful in the story because he was aiming correctly without any doubt in his mind.

Before this book Malcolm has written Talking to Strangers and Outliers, these two books also had good messages in them. But the messages were not so strongly conveyed by examples; this one gets imprinted on the mind and soul till eternity.

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