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Delivered from Distraction Audiobook

Delivered from Distraction is a nonfictional book on the health of children. It tells about getting the best from your life along with attention deficit disorder. The book is written by Edward M. Hallowell M.D. and John J. Ratey M.D. He is an American psychiatrist, writer, speaker, and podcast host. He is a specialist in ADHD and also the founder of the Hallowell Centers.

He has written 20 books so far where most of them were as a coauthor of Dr. J. Ratey M.D. John Ratey is a capable clinical professor of psychiatry and also a co-author of many books with Edward.

Delivered from Distraction

They have written quite a few books on children’s health where the best one from them on the subject matter is Superparenting for ADD. Other than this, Driven to Distraction is a self-help book from the authors and quite a promising one as well.

Dan Cashman narrated this book pretty well. The listeners just loved his voice a lot and wished that the other books from these two authors should have also been narrated by him. He has a kind of voice that suits such type of content.

Free Audiobook Delivered from Distraction

This book is highly recommended to all those who have to ADD-related issues or someone in their family including children have it. The author will clear a lot of misconceptions about ADD and will tell about how to take it in the right way to minimize its impact. The authors also come with multiple resources along with a very peculiar and positive way of viewing ADD. They both promoted the fact that ADD is actually a trait and it could only become a disorder when it impacts your life.

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