Made to Stick

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Made to Stick AudioBook

Made to Stick is a career success book. It tells people that why some ideas manage to survive while others just die. This interesting book is written by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. These two are real brothers where Chip heath is an academic as well. They have coauthored multiple nonfictional books together where Decisive is one of them. The Power of Moments is another career success book from the author which will also inspire you a lot.

Charles Kahlenberg narrated this chapter. It was a smooth and extremely appropriate narration for the type of content that this book has. In short, Charles just nailed this performance, and the audience had a very good time with this audiobook.

Made to Stick

What is the reason that some ideas work while others don’t? What one could do for the sake of enhancing the worthy ideas? In this book, you will find accomplished idea collectors and educators tackling these questions with the right logic.

The Heath brothers revealed the anatomy of the ideas that stick. They explained many different ways to make different ideas stickier. It includes ideas such as the application of the human scale principle that comes through the usage of the Velcro Theory of Memory.

Free Audiobook Made to Stick

This is the kind of book that would completely transform how you could communicate your ideas. The research shared by the authors in this book is eye-opening. The strategies shared are also practical that apply to a range of aspects of our lives. It was very well read by Charles as well. The book gives a strong message with some good humor as well along with enlightening moments as well.

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