Designing Your Life

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Designing Your Life Audiobook

Designing Your Life is a book on career success. It is all about building a joyful and well-lived life. The book is written and narrated by the duo of Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. Bill is the Executive Director at Stanford for the Design Program. He is also an author of nonfictional books where he shares his experiences and knowledge with people in career success. On the other hand, Dave is an entrepreneur and also the one who led the design of the first mouse device of Apple. Bill and Dave have also written another good book on career success which is titled Designing Your Work Life.

Designing Your Life

It is a fabulous book that will show you that how one could design or build their life which could thrive at any stage or age. The designers have created different worlds and they have solved problems using the exceptional design thinking approach. Everything that we have or use in our lives is designed by someone. Every design in this world that we have started with some sort of a problem, which the designer seeks to solve.

In this book, the two authors show us the ways that how really design thinking could help us in creating lives that could be fulfilling and meaningful both. This is all regardless of where or who we are or what we have done for our living. Age also doesn’t matter here.

Free Audiobook Designing Your Life

The design thinking responsible for some amazing products, technology, and space could also be used for the building and designing of your career and your overall life. It will then be a life that will be full of joy and fulfillment. It will also be regularly productive and creative. It will be a life that will always hold the grand possibility of getting surprised.

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