The Power of Moments

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The Power of Moments Audiobook

The Power of Moments is a career success book. It tells that why some experiences come with significant impact. The book is written by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. Chip Heath is a highly capable American academic and co-author of multiple books with his brother, Dan Heath. One of their excellent book on career success is Made to Stick. In the management and leadership domain, they have a worthy book titled Decisive.

The narration of this audiobook is done by Jeremy Bobb. It was a fairly acceptable performance where the narrator performed to his best potential for sure.

The Power of Moments

The human lives of today or ever since are eternally variable. The most remembered positive moments in our lives are dominated by four key elements. These elements namely are insight, elevation, connection, and pride. If we can embrace all these four elements then we will be in a position to conjure a lot more moments than they matter. What if some teacher goes on to set up a lesson that she knew her students would memorize even after a couple of decades? What if some random manager has an idea about creating some approach for delighting his customers? What if you have better ideas about creating memories that could be valuable for your kids?

The book delves into a few fascinating experiences where you will find satisfactory answers to all the questions above.

Free Audiobook The Power of Moments

The beginning of this book was quite good which effortlessly got the attention of the listeners to go through this book. But, just as this book goes on, it became quite predictable and the listeners didn’t have the ending that they expected at the start.

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