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Dies the Fire Audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Dies the Fire audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Dies the Fire audiobook free

Seriously. Have loved this series for over a decade at least, and was so excited to find the narrator-read version of the audio book a few years ago….but…..that narrator couldn’t pronounce even 1/4 of the Gaelic words, nor was it pleasing to my ear to hear him butcher names of places and people and pets repeatedly. It’s like there was no review or feedback to his recordings pre-publishing. But THIS…THIS is incredible. So much better with the inflection, accent, voice actor diversity, and pronunciations of names, people, places, and things. Love it. And while the sound effects can be a little overpowering, drowning out the dialog in places, most of the time, the balance is great, and the effects add a lot to the story. SO SO SO happy to enjoy this!!! Am grateful they did the first three books at least. <3 THANK YOU to the publishers and voice acting crew and all those involved in the quality and production of this work! You’ve done very well.

Review #2

Dies the Fire audiobook Series Novels of The Change

I have been re-reading this series since it was first published. I have read my copy of Dies the Fire to tatters several times over, in addition to giving away countless copies to others. I LOVE this series.

I only just started in on Audible over the past few months, so of course I had to try one of my all time favorite books. The original audio book is ok, but this version is OUTSTANDING!

I wasn’t sure at first (figuring out how I felt about someone else’s voice reading a book that I pretty much have memorized was something to get use to) but these Dramatized Adaptations are SO COOL!

I just finishing the Dramatized Adaptation of the 2nd book, The Protector’s War, and even though I should probably be headed to bed, I couldn’t resist purchasing and downloading A Meeting at Corvallis this evening. It is yet another favorite – I sincerely hope that these books continue to have these adaptations done. They are WONDERFUL!

Review #3

Audiobook Dies the Fire by S. M. Stirling

I bought this book because I thought, from the description, that it would be an interesting exploration of a fascinating concept. By the 3rd chapter, it was clear that the premise of the story was nothing more than a vehicle for the author to pen a “Ren Fare” fantasy of how the earth would devolve into a huge live action D&D game after the event. From the celtic mythology, the mother earth stuff and the Lord of the Rings references; the author is clearly in love with the world of knights, dark lords, swordcraft, witches and wizardry. I don’t mind that stuff–and the book seems passable in that regard–but to describe it as less than a forum contrived for the purpose of telling such a tale is less than honest. I became so disappointed at being “tricked” into buying it by a much broader description of its subject that I’m now too annoyed to finish it. Even the D&D world jargon is too much. I wich the author had woven a few of these elemnts into a broader and more interesting story rather than making this fanatsy element the focus of the book. At the very least, the publisher and Audible should have said more about what it was really about. Do the reviewers even read these things beyond chapter 2…?

Review #4

Audio Dies the Fire narrated by Todd McLaren

I couldn’t get past the cliches in the first couple of hours. The stupid fake Irish accent of the woman, the idiotic idea of the girls being clad in period costume with bows and arrows… ohhhh my brain. It’s like Gilligan’s Island meets Dungeons and Dragons. It’s awful.

Review #5

Free audio Dies the Fire – in the audio player below

Interesting story

Several reviewers have complained about the pagan aspects of this novel, I’m not a pagan myself and found it a little boring at times, but in my opinion it fits the storyline well. The kind of people who are likely to prosper in a world where guns, electricity, and combustion engines suddenly stop working are the people who spent a lot of time doing things like horse riding, gardening, and mock fighting with medieval weapons. The pagan community is full of those kinds of people, so having a major story arc in the novel following a pagan group of people makes sense.

What the people complaining about the pagans fail to mention is the other major story arc following a group of people who are lead by an ex-military type who spends a lot of time doing things like hunting & hiking in the wilderness.

So, if your afraid that your Higher Being of choice is going to punish you for reading a book with such words as pagan, wiccan, goddess and witch in it, then you should stay away from this book. Otherwise, you just have to remember that you spend as much time listening to the thoughts of the jarhead which are as full of militaristic thoughts as the witches’ mind is full of pagan thoughts. The author is not trying to convince you to become a pagan any more than he is trying to convince you to join the army. He’s just doing a pretty good job of getting inside the head of a pagan and an ex-jarhead.

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