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Review #1

Dead to the Last Drop full audiobook free


I approached this 15th installment with a little trepidation. Clare Cosi is synonymous with Manhattan and the iconic Village Blend can you really take the girl out of New York City?! Turns out that I neednt have worried, as Clares stint in our nations capital was an exciting change of pace.

The Village Blend is branching out with a new location in Washington D.C., and Clare is at the helm. Unfortunately, business isuninspiring. The coffee shop/jazz club gets a much needed shot in the arm when a high profile musician begins to drop in on a regular basis. But the Blends newest attraction brings more with her than an uptick in business its not long before a dead body makes an appearance, with Clare and Mike knee-deep in political intrigue and murder.

Kudos to the authors for finding ways to keep this long-running series fresh. This was a fun installment, with a tie-in to the White House and a storyline peppered with political intrigue and a whole slew of new characters. This is a busy book, with more than one mystery in play and it kept me on my toes. I liked the way the authors worked in little tidbits about former First Families and life in the White House, and the locale was used to good effect.

This story moves back and forth in time, and I didnt always find the transitions exactly smooth. It took about a third of the book before I felt that it found its rhythm, but overall it added an element of suspense to the story.

I dont recall much in the way of swearing/strong language and while there are adult situations there is no explicit sexual content. While this *technically* works as a standalone novel, book 15 is no place to start a series in my opinion. These characters have a long and sometimes complicated history that has evolved over many books and Id strongly recommend that you start with book one,

On What Grounds (Coffeehouse Mysteries, No. 1)



Review #2

Dead to the Last Drop audiobook in series The Coffeehouse Mysteries “


FTC Disclosure: I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. It should also be noted, that I also bought a finished copy of this book. It was a birthday present to myself.

My Thoughts: Anyone who knows me and knows my reading habits knows that this series is one of my all time favorites. For the last few years, the release of the new book has been right around my birthday. Purchasing the new book is my yearly treat to myself. You would think writing the review would be easy. But its not because I cant think of enough wonderful things to say about this book that havent already been said or that dont make me sound like a junior high cheerleader with a serious crush.

Seriously, the latest installment is an excellent read. I cant say its the best in the series, because I have loved all the books. I will say its the best mystery Ive read this year.

Im always tired after reading one of The Coffee House Mysteries because they just grab the reader from page one and dont let go. This book is no exception. Following Clare Cosi around Washington D.C. as she starts a new branch of the Village Blend, deals with an unsavory chef, swims through political intrigue, mayhem and still manages to come up with delicious treats for her customers is exhausting. No wonder the woman is a coffee aficionado. Dead to the Last Drop is a like a cup of finely brewed coffee. It will fill you with a delicious warmth and you will want to savor it to the last word. And then you will want a refill. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until next year to taste the next offering, but in the meantime you can always check out the other books in the series and maybe try your hand at some of the delicious recipes included in each book. I know my co-workers are wondering which one of the new ones Ill bring to school for them to sample.

Thanks Cleo for another great treat for my birthday.


Review #3

Dead to the Last Drop audiobook by : Cleo Coyle


This was the most satisfying entry in the series so far. It is fast-paced and a great mystery. I had a hard time putting this down to get my work done! It focuses on Mike and Clare, with Clare being framed for a crime that might or might not have actually happened.

Again light on the coffee lore, but heavy on the conspiracy. You know who the villain is, but how many people are actually on the side of the baddies? It’s a good puzzle, with lots of surprises. The requisite HEA romance ending is charmingly handled, while Clare gets her fondest wish fulfilled.


Review #4

Dead to the Last Drop audio narrated by Rebecca Gibel


As usual, Cleo Coyle delivers a well written and well thought out book that keeps you engaged from beginning to end. All of the characters you love plus a few new ones to get to know and love. The happy ending is just the icing on the cake, or in this case, the froth on the fancy coffee drink. Coyle never disappoints. If you are a fan of the series–read this! If you are new to the series, it may take awhile to get to know the characters and understand all of the relationships, but you will still be able to follow the story line and enjoy the mystery as it unfolds in typical funny, crazy and fascinating style.


Review #5

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A great continuation of the Coffeehouse series. Cleo Coyle has done it again.


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