Dungeon Deposed: Book 2

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Dungeon Deposed: Book 2

Review #1

Dungeon Deposed audiobook free

I did not enjoy this book as much as the last book. It was a good story, but parts I had to force myself to keep reading. I love this story collection, I am looking forward in seeing how Runner comes in.

Review #2

Dungeon Deposed audiobook Series Dungeon Deposed Series

The opening scene and hook are very nicely built in this sequel to Dungeon Deposed. It gives the reader a quick review using fresh content that reflects on the prior events. A wonderful initial tête-à-tête with all his paramours to give examples of the characters and burgeoning relationships and the problems they face.

Characterization & Motivation: 4/5
In typical William Arand fashion; the characters are very realistic and not paper cut-outs. You find yourself sympathizing with the protagonist, even as he’s being a jerk. The harem aspect is the genre, so it’s expected in this book, and it’s handled well. The relationships are shown more than explained. Because of this some of the relationships take a back seat to the plot which is not unexpected with a strongly driven plotline. I would have liked to have seen at least one private moment with each of the partners.

Review #3

Audiobook Dungeon Deposed by William D. Arand

Trying to tie it all up in a satisfactory conclusion is going to be very difficult though. My only problem with it is that he has all these wonderful women who adore him, and they are having serious jealousy issues. The ladies are complaining more and more often about not getting any sex, because he is the only one that can provide it for unknown reasons. In the first book the fairies made up some story about how they never had sex and so were learning from him. But then why aren’t they experimenting further with each other when he is busy or away? Especially the hundreds that aren’t members of his harem; instead just waiting for some future time when they might be able to join it. It makes it so every time his wives start trying to get their turns I stop caring about the rest of the story and want them to just shut up. There was a point where it was fun to watch him becoming the center of a large loving relationship, and there’s now where it is just getting ridiculous.

Review #4

Audio Dungeon Deposed narrated by Andrea Parsneau

I started reading this author from his series Sale on Super’s (which I also recommend) the sex is slightly !it’s up front in this series but in context with the lead character it makes sense. As with most independent writers he is slightly less polished than mainstream authors but not by much. It only takes me a little while to really get into the mood of his work and it all seems to fit together very well. Enough for me to care about what happens to the characters. And that only happens when the author cares about the characters. In short his work makes for fun reading. If a little graphic talk upsets you this may not be exactly your sort of thing, but to be honest I think it’s well handled and overall fits into the characterization that he has built very well. I look forward to seeing him grow as an author.

Review #5

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Ryker’s battles with the Church of Light and the Church of Darkness continue as his campaign to preserve the Queendom of Dale. Unfortunately the war is going poorly in both his Queen’s arena and his own. Fortunately, even death is merely an inconvenience for a wizard of Ryker’s abilities as his short trip to the Capitol to visit his wives turns into a rescue mission when the city falls to one of the invading armies. On the bright side, Ryker finally gets to consummate his marriage to the Queen.

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