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Fake Fiancée audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Fake Fiancée audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Fake Fiancée audiobook free

Fake Fiance is a new adult novel that combines the true heart of romance storytelling along with the sexy swagger of young love. It is yummy and delicious with the right amount of build up that draws you in so deeply you care about both hero and heroine achieving their goals. This was my first Madden-Mills book, but it won\’t be my last. I loved Fake Fiance from start to finish so I\’ll be adding Ilsa Madden-Mills to my \”need to read more of this author\” list. Max Kent is the star quarterback heading into his senior year of college. There is buzz talk of him receiving the Heisman trophy which would definitely mean the NFL in his future. If Max played his cards right and didn\’t screw up he\’d have a real shot towards everything he\’s worked for. And when Max wanted something there wasn\’t much he wouldn\’t do to reach his goal. His last long term girlfriend almost screwed up his winning season last year, so when Sunny shows up on his doorstep the first day of class he sees a great opportunity and runs with it. Sunny Blaine was a long way from where she\’d run from several years ago. With little to her name she was attending college, taking care of her grandmother, working to pay for school and frankly she didn\’t have time for stupid, inconsiderate jocks. Miffed when a football groupie totaled her car, she had no qualms about letting the football jock who was basically an accessory to the crime (at least in Sunny\’s book) hear about it. What she wasn\’t prepared for was the instant connection that came after and the ridiculous proposal that shortly ensued. Max and Sunny find a kindred spirit in each other, which quickly blossoms into friendship. When their friendship begins to burn into something more than they can handle will the inferno burn them and kill what they\’ve built while they sit hopelessly on the sidelines watching it blaze out of control? Are they strong enough to make it through anything together? \”Sometimes there really is a bigger plan. Sometimes there really is that one person. Sometimes true love finds you no matter what.\” Max and Sunny were such a delight to read. I really didn\’t want the story to end. For me, if I had a perfect description for what New Adult romance is, Fake Fiance would be it. It captures the essence of youth, the budding relationship and choices young lovers make creating the pitfalls that happen when we doubt ourselves. I can tell you, pick up this enjoyable read now, you won\’t regret it.


Review #2

Fake Fiancée audiobook streamming online

I wanted to like this book more. I mean, it\’s my favorite trope! I love fake (pretend) relationships. They tend to get the couple in a situation that has sparks flying and they end up getting to know each other. Most of the time they are people that wouldn\’t normally be with the other person. I love the idea of giving someone a chance and figuring out they\’re perfect for you. But this one fell short for me. It started really good. I loved that it was New Adult. I thought the premise for why they were in a fake relationship was done well. I loved that they had sparks flying though neither of them wanted there to be any. And I loved the rescue from…well from somewhere sometime. But then it started going downhill for me. I think this author tried to do too much. I was thinking there was some stalking going on and I thought of this great way it could play out…but it didn\’t do that. That whole piece was just swept away with a paragraph of explanation towards the end. And there is one little piece that was left dangling at the end. I really dislike that. I thought there was going to be a big blow-up over people finding out they were faking it but…well that didn\’t happen. The whole thing just sort just worked out and things were groovy. Yeah, I was like…what just happened here? So yeah, the second half of this book needed some work. If this is your trope, like it is mine, you might want to read it. It\’s a quick read. And if you prefer books with less angst between the mains, then you may want to read it. If you\’ve got nothing else to read, you could probably pass the time better with this book. I wish I had better news. I\’m giving it three stars for the start of the book not the end.


Review #3

Audiobook Fake Fiancée by Ilsa Madden-Mills

Rating: 3.5 Stars This book started with BANG! and I was instantly hooked. Sunny had recently ended a relationship and was swearing off men, especially jocks. Max was also currently out of the dating games, as he was still smarting from his breakup from his deceptive girlfriend. In an effort to fend off his groupies, and rehab his image in his bid for the Heisman trophy, he proposed that he and Sunny embark on a fake relationship for PR purposes only. Her mouth opened. \”Fake fiancee? Falling in love? What is this…a Hallmark movie?\” \”We could be the best damn Hallmark movie ever made, Sunny.\” My voice was dead serious. (By the way, I love Hallmark movies.) Well, it did not take long for those lines to blur. Max instantly felt something, a pull of sorts towards Sunny. He didn\’t know why, but there was a string drawing him to her. This books starts out as a typical NA romance, fun and cute, and then veers into the land of soapy drama. I was not put off by the OTT stuff, because I was really invested in Sunny and Max. I wanted them to discover WHY they had this pull, and I was rooting for them to wade through all the drama and get to the part where they realized they belonged together. \”I believed the universe had pulled strings for us – but did he?\” I will admit, that I bumped my rating by half a star, because of the ending. First impressions? Pfft! I am all about last impressions, and this one had a strong ending that left my heart soaring. Overall: A fun read filled with laughs, sass, heart-eye inducing moments, swoon, and sizzle.


Review #4

Audio Fake Fiancée narrated by Alastair Haynesbridge Yvonne Syn

If I was reviewing the first half of this book I would have given it 4 stars as I was quite enjoying it. I had to deduct a star for the almost obligatory British best friend and the sentence \”Max is looking wonky\”. No idea what the author thought she was writing but I would urge her to stop googling funny British words. Literally no 20-something British male is going to describe his best friend as looking wonky. Replace the \’o\’ with an \’a\’ and it would be much closer to the mark. However, this review is based on the whole of the book which means I have to include the later half and the ending. Hence the 2 stars. Terrible is unfortunately the only word that adequately describes my feelings. The story just sort of limped away to the point where I can\’t help but wonder if the author got bored. So if you\’re on the hunt for a college romance give this a miss. There are much better similar books available.


Review #5

Free audio Fake Fiancée – in the audio player below

This the first time I have read anything by this author, A. L. Jackson recommended it and I\’m extremely glad she did because I loved Fake Fiance. It doesn\’t take long before you get caught up in this story the opening is enough to hook you in. The whole incident with Sunny has you holding your breath and then there\’s the mystery guy who saves her, we have no idea who he is until Three Years Later. Fake Fiiancee is Max and Sunny\’s story and it is what it says on the book cover, however they really are well suited to each other and have an instant connection… they have already met of course .. we know this but do they and this keeps you wondering all the way through.. who will realise and mention it first. It\’s good!! There is plenty going on, what with Max\’s career, the supposedly fake relationship and the constant worry of something happening to Sunny is never to far away, there are a couple of crazy characters that just want to spoil things you can\’t quite work out who\’s genuine, thank goodness for Tate, Isabella and Mimi they are great secondary characters to this story even Ash but he was a bit of a mystery not in a bad way, when he first met Sunny there was a familiar feeling between them that had you wondering for a while. Great epilogue by the way.! I really like this author\’s style and after reading the teaser from Dirty English that is what I am reading next.!


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