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Gabriel’s Inferno audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Gabriel’s Inferno audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Gabriel’s Inferno audiobook free

I started reading the series yesterday because I am a founding member of the Passionflix Streaming network and they are going to make a movie of this series or at least this book. I hated paying $11 for the kindle version but I decided if they are making a movie of it it must be good. Well, it was just ok. It was a long read which could have been cut down by a hundred pages or so.

The lead character Gabriel Emerson is kind of an old soul for 33 years old and Julia, still a virgin at 23 is really kind of mousy and boring. I cant understand how this intellectual, handsome rich professor is so enamored with her. I found a lot of things over the top in this book but I kept reading in hopes of a happy ending. I finished it and am now on to book 2 of the series but Im hoping its a quicker read than the first one. I dont feel I got my moneys worth at $11 for a kindle book thats been around for awhile.


Review #2

Gabriel’s Inferno audiobook streamming online

Ok this book was annoying. The only good thing about it was that I actually was interested in finding out what happened between them And it wasn’t very interesting. They had a funny pedestal type love going on where they were each too precious in the others eyes… And the way he was so careful with her I found annoying. He treated her like an entirely breakable China doll. And she was a feable little girl. It was annoying so I read this book by skipping paragraphs at a time and in the end it wasn’t a great love. I’ve no idea why people love this so much. Fifty shades and twilight are compared to this and I see it but those are great. This one is written to have a very literary feel to it and I felt it was grasping and the omniscient viewpoint was jarring at times. It also made u feel disconnected from the characters. So no it was no great love. And don’t read his expecting a steamy story. It’s not really.


Review #3

Audiobook Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

I discovered Gabriel’s Inferno by accident, really. A book blogger/reviewer I follow announced on her page that this book was on sale and that it was amazing, and so I purchased it. Since then, I’ve been lost in this book for days. It’s one of those reads that sucks you in, to the point were you think you’re living the story and if all of a sudden something snaps you into reality again, you’re like, “Whoa, wha…what just happened?”……or maybe that’s just me and the way I read? Hehehe…

This is a BEAUTIFULLY TOLD story of destined love and second chances, redemption, and ultimately, full and complete forgiveness.

I do understand that this book isn’t for everyone though. It’s long. It can drag sometimes for some and/or it can be heavy at times, especially with all the references to classical works of literature and art (that’s exactly one of the reasons why I love it). But trust me, this story is amazing. If you’re looking for a great, swoon-worthy romance read, this is it.


Review #4

Audio Gabriel’s Inferno narrated by John Morgan

God I love this book and series. This was my second time reading this book but my first review. I absolutely love Julia and Gabriel. There is an extremely slow burn for this couple which usually annoys me but in this book I love it. He was such a jerk in the beginning but eventually gets his head out of his ass. When he finally remembers meeting her before everything about their relationship changes. They go from barely speaking to friends then to a relationship. And even though they dont actually consummate their relationship till the very end of the book their chemistry is off the charts hot. Just the way he speaks to her and touches her made me fan myself.
It was heartbreaking to learn of the hardships of their pasts. They hold their secrets close to them for most of the book. Eventually everything comes out and even though both were afraid that once the secrets were out there that they wouldnt want each other any more. There was definitely some growth to their characters but definitely need more work. Julia has barely any self esteem and doesnt see herself worthy of Gabriels love. But he is constantly showing her love and affection and showing her her worth. And Gabriel because of his past addiction and sexual history he feels he does not deserve Julia. There are definitely things they need to work on in themselves and as a couple.
Definitely recommend this book and series.


Review #5

Free audio Gabriel’s Inferno – in the audio player below

There are a VERY FEW books/series that I would re-read, but Gabriel’s Inferno Trilogy is on the list of ones that I ABSOLUTELY would!! This love story is by far THE MOST descriptively beautiful and sensual story that I have ever read, bar none. While I count EL James’s 50 Shades trilogy my ALL TIME favorite, Sylvain Reynard’s series is No. 2. The intensity of the series is breathtaking. Reynard weaves an exceptional tapestry of descriptive layers setting the scenes of our two lovers first meeting and their subsequent reunion. In the interest of preserving the story for those not yet acquainted with this love story, I won’t reveal any more. Suffice to say, my first foray into this genre was an excellent introduction. However, Reynard’s tale of Gabriel and Julianne, is the reason I continue to read. This trilogy, IMO, IS one of THE MOST OUTSTANDING works of this genre!! Lovers of Erotica – it doesn’t get any more erotic than the love and relationship of Gabriel & Julianne!! If you’ve not read THIS work – then you’ve been sorely deprived of an exceptionally fantastic love story. It rivals the intensity of a Romeo and Juliette love (minus the gory details). I don’t think you will regret picking up this beautiful tale of love, love lost, love found, and love blossoming to an incredibly deep love on ALL levels!! You can’t miss this!!!


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