Happy Ever After

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Happy Ever After

Review #1

Happy Ever After audiobook free

Review #2

Happy Ever After audiobook Series Bride Quarte

Just like parker I didn’t expect it to go like this. To quote an old and famous line I laughed I cried it became a part of me, the entire series, thank you Nora!

Review #3

Audiobook Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts

As a wedding photographer I guess I have a bit more interest in “Vows” than the average reader but I have really enjoyed this series and am sad to see it end!

Other reviewers here have echoed my complaints so I will not rehash them. Suffice to say that I thought that the story of Malcom and Parker was a bit too predictable as it followed the same pattern of the previous three in the series and I felt things were moved a bit quickly in regards to their relationship.

I also have to say that AS a wedding photographer I’m in the industry and so many things drove me nuts about this series in general when it came to weddings! While she did get a lot of things right with photography – people rarely get just ONE engagement image taken, there is usually a long session with multiple images. I don’t have any complaints about the cakes as that’s still pretty traditional. However the cascading bouquets that are designed are SO OUT OF DATE. I think in the past four years I may have had ONE bouquet in the style that is created over and over again. Random things like that just jumped out at me and made me wish that a little bit more research was done on weddings – especially weddings today since everything else referenced (blackberries and photoshop) are current with today’s wedding standards.

My biggest regret with this final novel is that not enough time is spent on Mac’s wedding – when this is THE wedding that they’ve all been planning forever. It’s odd that other weddings seemed to get more time than one of the main characters in the books! I’m also sad that we don’t get to see all the girls get married – I know that we’re supposed to believe that everyone gets the perfect day that they wanted but I would have enjoyed having even another novel in the series to marry them all off so to speak.

Regardless of my misgivings, I still enjoyed the story for what it was – an escape from reality for a short while. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a continuation of their story as a bonus book!

Review #4

Audio Happy Ever After narrated by Angela Dawe

The four books are so intertwined and the four girls from toddler’s were so close they were sisters in a very beautiful way and yet the four of them all had their own angst from their pasts that come back to haunt them and yet they always knew that they had one another to go to for a good cry and their was always a shoulder right there waiting with unconditional love.
This book is about Parker Brown, the one that conceived “Vows” the premier wedding venue that grew and each of the girls had their own area of expertise.
Parker was the toughest and the strongest as she was the one with the ability to run every aspect of Vows and with minute to minute changes with the hysterical brides and their families and did it as if it were nothing, she was unshakable until Malcolm Kavanaugh was concerned. He was the polar opposite of Parker and yet he intrigued her and shocked her in ways she never imagined for herself. The brilliant green eyes and the attraction was there even though she did not want to see or acknowledge it until she got to the point where he irritated her and intrigued her at the same time and she denied until she could no longer fool herself any longer.
She denied it until her three gal buddies got in her face and made her see that she was way off balance with Mal and yet in another way he was perfect for her because he could rattle her in ways that she knew were, in her own mind, were right and at every turn he surprised her with a tenderness and always struck her on a blind side that even she never new existed.
Brilliant and fun to read and, of course, so romantic it grabs you from the first book to the last, with Parker closing the circle.
If you have a romantic heart these four books will delight and open a space within you that will stay with you for a very long time.

Review #5

Free audio Happy Ever After – in the audio player below

I’ve read numerous contemporary romance novels in the past couple of years and I’m always happy to give new authors a chance. But, I have to say that more than a decade after reading my first NR novel I’m still convinced that there are few authors of contemporary romance who can rival her! Although there is little doubt in my mind about NR’s ablities as a story-teller and writer, I’m also aware that her work can be a bit hit and miss some times. Like many other readers and reviewers I’ve read my fair share of her novels and some were fabulous while some managed to leave me cold. My favourites by NR include ‘Montana Sky’, the ‘Key’ trilogy, the ‘Sign of Seven’ trilogy and the ‘Circle’ trilogy. I was a bit hesitant to purchase the ‘Bride Quartet’ series but it was worth every penny! I’m happy to report that this is NR at her best! And the last volume in the series turned out to be my favourite one! I loved ‘Savour the Moment’ but ‘Happy Ever After’ was even better! Highly recommended!

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