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Blood Work

Review #1

Blood Work audiobook free

This book is for anyone who loves smart, well planned crime thrillers. The clues are given to the reader at the same time as, or slightly after, McCaleb gets them. We are surprised along the way at what we learn about McCaleb, the FBI, the LAPD, and the other characters. It’s brilliant. It is slightly tarnished by some typos, which are unusual in this author’s work.

Review #2

Blood Work audiobook Series Dick Hill

I’ve read all of the Bosch, Mickey Haller and Renee Ballard books, but this was my first Terry McCaleb novel. I may re-read A Darkness More Than Night to refresh my memory on this character now that I have this foundation from Blood Work. Mr. Connelly is one of my favorite authors. He tells a fast-paced story and this book read very quickly. I enjoyed getting to know Terry and appreciated all the plot twists as the story unfolded. If you’re a Connelly reader, you’ll want to add this one to your list.

Review #3

Blood Work Attraction by Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly never disappoints. Riveting characters, plots, and story lines..I enjoy how he works characters from other books into the stories.

Review #4

Audio Blood Work narrated by Terry McCaleb

Better late than never! I’ve enjoyed nearly all of Connelly ‘s books, especially Bosch. I don’t know how I missed Terry McCaleb?? I just happened upon this book in Goodreads a few days ago. It’s an excellent read and a mystery that will keep you up late at night! I loved it. Going to go look for #2 now!

Review #5

Free audio Blood Work – in the audio player below

But I understand – first in the series took time to lay out who he is, what he did, why he is where he is at this point in his life. Once that got established the book became one of the classic good reads! I like this new guy and hope there are more to come of his adventures.

When I purchased Blood Work online, I thought I was buying the sequel to Trunk Music. “The Also By Michael Connelly” page in the front matter of Trunk Music listed Connelly’s books by publication date, however, not by which character series they were part of. So, when Blood Work arrived, I was surprised to be reading about former FBI agent Terrell “Terry” McCaleb instead of LAPD detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch.

Surprised, but not disappointed. Blood Work is a good story in its own right (with an prospective reference to Michael Haller Jr. seven years before The Lincoln Lawyer was published). It follows McCaleb’s investigation into the murder of Gloria Rivers. At first, her murder appeared to be the random act of a convenience store robber. As McCaleb digs into the case at the request of Gloria’s sister Graciela, he uncovers a deeper, more sinister background to the case that hits a little too close to home.

Blood Work was not quite the page-turner other Connelly books have been, at least not in my opinion. That only means it took me a weekend to read it instead of a day. Connelly is a great storyteller and has become my favorite crime novelist.

I close with a piece of dialogue between McCaleb and his neighbor Buddy Lockridge. It describes perfectly why crime novels and murder mysteries are so popular:

[Lockridge:] “Good books are fast reads. You read crime novels?”

[McCaleb:] “Why would I want to read made-up stuff when I’ve seen the real stuff and can’t stand it?”

Buddy started the car. He had to turn the ignition twice before it kicked over.

“It’s a much different world. Everything is ordered, good and bad clearly defined, the bad guy always gets what he deserves, the hero shines, no loose ends. It’s a refreshing antidote to the real world.”

“Sounds boring.”

“No, it’s reassuring. Where to now?”

Reassurance that the good guys beat the bad guys in the end. That’s why I continue reading Michael Connelly. If you’re interested in other books involving Terry McCaleb, check out A Darkness More Than Night and The Narrows. And if you want to read Connelly’s Bosch books in proper order, make sure to check out his website.

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