Chasing the Dime

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Chasing the Dime

Review #1

Chasing the Dime audiobook free

I have read probably 20-25 of Connelly’s books. So, needless to say, I love his writing style and story lines. That being said, I think this is my favorite book. Full of twists and turns and a great ending.

Review #2

Chasing the Dime audiobook

Wow …Amazing story and plot. So many twists and turns it’s nearly impossible to stop reading..Chasing the Dime is like no other. Henry’s character drove me crazy with his reckless behavior pulling him further down the rabbit hole.

I think a lot of what I feel about this book has already been said by others. I will start by saying that Connelly is probably in my top 5 favourite authors and I have read nearly everything he has written but I didn’t finish this book, it was so weak. I gave up on it at 71% and I only went that far because it was Connelly and I was giving the benefit of the doubt. The clue perhaps is in the age of the book – I don’t think the author would produce such poor work now. The main character was just irritating and the other characters were shallow and poorly drawn. I couldn’t believe in the characters or the storyline. If you haven’t read much Connelly, don’t be put off the author by this review ; go and read his Harry Bosch, his Mickey Haller and his Renee Ballard books and you will be impressed and entertained.

Review #3

Audiobook Chasing the Dime by Michael Connelly

I bought this book at same time I got the latest Bosch/Ballard book. I thought it was a new book but it is only new in Kindle. It is a good read and you don’t figure out the ending until the end. Henry Pierce is a scientist who started a company focusing on nanotechnology, specifically molecular chips that some day can be used in human treatments. Henry is brilliant but somehow he gets mixed up in an adult web site when his new phone number is the same one on the web site. He gets curious about the calls and decides to find out why all the calls for Lilly. He decides to find out where she is. It is interesting but not very feasible that someone as smart as him would do the things he did. It is a stand alone book with lots of twists. It is worth the time to read.

Review #4

Audio Chasing the Dime narrated by Jonathan Davis

I have read all of Michael Connelly’s books that featured Bosch/Ballard and the Lincoln Lawyer series. I’m obviously a fan of his work. I was happily surprised when I discovered three more stand alone books and ordered them all.
CTD was the first of the three that I read. It started off OK but then the main character made so many irrational decisions that I was screaming things I can’t put in print.

Review #5

Free audio Chasing the Dime – in the audio player below

One interesting thing I noticed with this book is that the audiobook version and the written (e-book) version differ slightly in dozens of places. I’ve seen this before, but not to this extent. It makes me wonder which was written first and which was changed.

Fast-paced, readable, unfeasible in places, Chasing The Dime reads more like a Michael Crichton novel than something Michael Connelly would produce. A leading nanotechnologist finds his phone number changed, and soon finds himself plunged into a seedy world of call girls, obsessions, murder and a sinister labyrinthine plot. As usual, Connelly displays great skills in storytelling, and grounds the book in his knowledge of police work and the law, but, without Harry Bosch or Mickey Haller to carry the plot, it does feel a bit lame. Lead character Harry Pierce feels a bit lightweight and unrealistic, LA cop Renner feels like a Bosch substitute without the firepower and backstory to really add much to what unfolds. Gripping and entertaining enough, the problem is that Connelly has set the bar high with many of his other books, so this feels a slight let down compared with other titles.

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