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Hell’s Corner

Review #1

Hell’s Corner audiobook free

The Camel Club books prove that anyone can do something of great importance no matter age or differences from others. Please write more with these characters. I recommend to all who love David Baldacci.

Another fantastic read from a fantastic author. I’ve never been disappointed by any of David Bald acc it’s books. Thank you for the adventure.

Review #2

Hell’s Corner audiobook Series The Camel Club

Oliver Stone is back and this time he is actually working again for the U.S. government. Oliver is requested by the President to come back into government work to help solve a problem. Sure he is getting old but the problem is that the cold war with Russia is heating back up on a new front and the young CIA agents of today don’t have the experience necessary to deal with the problem.

So the President asks Oliver to come back to work. Hard to believe but he agrees to take the task. But as soon as he does the task spins out of control as a bomb goes off right across the street from the White House.

In this novel we are going to be introduced to a whole new set of characters as Oliver tells the Camel Club to take a hike and instead he is tasked to work with agent Chapman, an MI6 British agent. Their partnership is going to give us a great ride as they struggle to solve the bombing while being hampered by inter agency rivalries and very intentional mis direction from each of their handlers.

The problem, both Stone and Chapman are so capable that they keep peeling back the layers of deception and discover that there has to be a mole working the inside of this case and staying one step ahead of them. Every lead they get keeps ending up dead.

Baldacci does a great job of keeping you interested in what’s going on and develops the new characters so well that you feel as though they are old friends even though they have just arrived.

Don’t worry though, the Camel Club members won’t be pushed to the side, they force their way back into Oliver’s life and come along side to help with the case. Oh an agent Chapman, a by the book agent, learns from Stone that sometimes you have to break the rules and trust your partner more than your superiors.

I couldn’t put the book done and know that if you are a Camel Club fan you are going to love this novel. My only sadness is that I finished the book and the next installment is no where in sight. David, please write faster and get us the next book 🙂

Review #3

Audiobook Hell’s Corner by David Baldacci

I love this Camel Club series. I had read the first one and liked it, so I ordered the last three books and read them in order. What a wonderful story teller David Baldacci is! You not only like his stories, but fall in love with his characters.

Review #4

Audio Hell’s Corner narrated by Ron McLarty

Oliver Stone isn’t getting any younger, but his government still wants him. In fact, everyone from the President himself to the FBI, to NCA, to the M16 (yes you read that right), want him.

The book starts off with Stone being ushered to meet with the President, who gives him an undercover assignment to fly to Mexico to deal with Russian drug lords. But the trip never comes to fruition. After the meeting, Stone is walking through LaFayette Park and finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gunfire pelts the park with bullets and an explosion lands him in the hospital for a bit.

Baldacci took a relatively simple incident and blossomed it into a full-length novel full of twists and turns. Unfortunately, there was a lot of back-tracking of clues, including repeated visits to the site of the explosion as if Stone expected the answers to appear in front of him. And of course, most times he and his “side kick”, the M16 agent, find something or “see” something they hadn’t before.

Oliver Stone mentions in a passage that he is getting older and that he wouldn’t be the head of the Camel Club forever. Is Baldacci dropping a clue to his readers not to worry about Stone’s aging and a potential end to the series?

As for one small nit, the overuse of the term “nodded” became very apparent, and I would have expected better from an author of Baldacci’s calibre.

With all considered it was a good read even if not the best Camel Club book to date. However, I will still look forward to the next.

Review #5

Free audio Hell’s Corner – in the audio player below

Hell’s Corner is a very complicated story. Baldacci throws roadblocks throughout the book so that Oliver Stone and pals continue to struggle through the intrigue until the very end. While a captivating mystery, the book is almost too complicated . I don’t believe this book is one of Baldacci’s best because there were too many diversions, obvious to to keep the reader interested.

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