The Simple Truth

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The Simple Truth

Review #1

The Simple Truth audiobook free

This book was difficult reading at first and almost stopped reading, however I hate doing that as I think it’s a waste to start reading a book and not finishing it.Once I got beyond the first few chapters the book,the book had the great writing that Bald acc I is know for.Interesting read.

Review #2

The Simple Truth audiobook Series

More amazing ending than I could have imagined…. Very heartfelt! I loved every bit of this complex story fro beginning to end.

Not the best of Badacci’s novels, this murder mystery which takes place in and around the US Supreme Court has a rather convoluted plot. Michael Fisk, a gifted young lawyer and US Supreme Court clerk, is murdered in what is made to look like a robbery. His estranged brother John, a criminal defense lawyer and former cop, decides he will aid the police in solving the crime. From this point forward the story involves politicians, convicts, CIA agents, FBI agents, police, Supreme Court security officers, Supreme Court justices and many others leading to a not very climactic end. I was disappointed, as the conspiracy unfolded, that the cause of the initial and subsequent murders did not carry the weight of the ensuing carnage. In that regard the story seemed out of balance for me and the plot felt forced. Otherwise, the book is entertaining and the characters are interesting and relatable

Review #3

Audiobook The Simple Truth by David Baldacci

Even though some seemed too far fetched to be believable, I really kept wanting to read on and find out the outcome. I did enjoy the diversion.

Review #4

Audio The Simple Truth narrated by Jonathan Marosz

Incredibly addicting, starkly alarming and genuinely soul searing in unexpected ways. The mystery deepens with every page and the reader in simultaneously thrust into the chaos by sheer complicit appreciation. We cannot put down the book – and now must carry the lesson branded in our ethics cells. Justice may be blind – but she burns.

Review #5

Free audio The Simple Truth – in the audio player below

As usual, once more David crafted a most entertaining story. However the most satisfying element to me was the spiritual observation.

He tells about very interesting institutions like in this book he talks about the Supreme Court and the way they handle cases; from when it comes to the mail room on. All white spinning a gripping story of murder and intrigue with spectacular plot twists.

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