Hard to Hold (Play Hard #2)

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Hard to Hold (Play Hard #2) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Hard to Hold (Play Hard #2) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Hard to Hold (Play Hard #2) audiobook free

Lennox Kincade works with her father and three sisters at Kincade Sports Management, but she’s always had a wandering spirit and the instinct to run when things get overwhelming. After hearing her biggest competitor spread a rumor that she sedces potential clients and stels them from their current agents, and feeling lately that her family has no faith in her abilities, Lennox decides to get away and spend time with her best friend Johnny in Los Angeles. But she missed the part of his voice mail telling her he currently has another guest whos also needing an escape.

Rush McKenzie is keeping a low profile after a scandal that jeopardizes his place on his team with the Liverpool Football Club. He started with nothing but skill and a love of the game and worked his whole life to become a part of the team. His mates are the closest he’s come to having a family since past loss keeps him from letting anyone get too close. Now he’s in the states with a three month contract to promote the Major League Soccer (MLS) club while the paparazzi finds another scandal to chase and his team’s management decides how to handle things.

After a revealing meet cute, there’s no questioning the attraction arcing between these two, but Lennox is supposed to convince Rush to play for the MLS as well signing him with Kincade Sports Management. She has to be professional and resist Rush with his tmpting muscles and tattoos and that confident, ccky grin. If she can manage that, well, she’s a better woman than I am.

I was completely taken and excessively swoony over our hero Rush, in all of his iterations. From the poor boy who had lost everything to the kid who worked hard and utilized every bit of his talent, to the ccky, confident soccer star, I adore every part and version of Rush. Lennox has a lot of admirable traits, but she doesnt stand a chance of ressting Rush, which is good, because theyre so amazingly perfect for each other!

Their story is full of humor and het, but it’s the overabundance of heart that had me hnging on every word and reading well into the wee hours. It’s an exceptional, entertaining, heartfelt read that will leave your own heart happy and satisfied, so make sure you dont miss this one!


Review #2

Hard to Hold (Play Hard #2) audiobook streamming online

I absolutely adored Lennox & Rushs story. From the first page to the last, I was captivated by these characters and their story.

Lennox & Rush were imperfectly perfect for each other. Rush was a beyond swoon worthy English football player and Lennox a sports agent who was restless and looking for a change. Together they came together knowing that their time together had an expiration date. I loved watching them navigate their relationship. Their journey was not easy, but worth it.

I am loving this series so far and I cant wait to revisit the Kincade sisters! And to go on Chase & Brextons journey. Especially Chases because I desperately want to find out if her past relationship plays a role in her story.

I voluntarily reviewed this book.


Review #3

Audiobook Hard to Hold (Play Hard #2) by K. Bromberg

I am in love with this series and this book! Kristy Bromberg has upped her writing game once more with Hard to Hold and I for one, cannot get enough of these Kincaid sisters and the men who claim their hearts. With sister Lennox getting her turn in the spotlight this time around, her free spirit fights hard against the determined businesswoman she has become. But it’s that nonconformist way about her that catches the eye of one Rush McKenzie and gives this story a charm that is hard to resist.

There is much at play as Lennox and Rush are unexpectedly sharing a house with their friend in common, the utterly delightful and scene-stealing Johnny. Although Rush is hiding out from a scandal in his native Liverpool and Lennox is seemingly hiding away from her father and sisters, these two don’t hide much from the other as the sports agent and the star soccer player find an attraction to one another that is all kinds of undeniable.

With Rush’s seeming misconduct at the heart of this story, I loved how it simultaneously became a discovery for both Rush and Lennox and what they both didn’t know they wanted, namely each other. With the witty banter combined with incredibly sexy trysts, these two have more chemistry than they know what to do with. And it’s all kinds of explosive and full of heart, which neither ever envisioned.

Bromberg carefully crafts a storyline that is both intense and tender. There are poignant scenes in Rush’s past that brought a tear to my eye, giving him a vulnerability that was endearing despite the playboy persona he tries to put forth. Watching as Lennox lets down her own guard to help the struggling soccer star battle this out of control situation, I was reminded just how compassionate these Kincaid women are and how much I love seeing them fight for those they love.

The entire Kincaid crew shows up when needed with dad Kenyon offering some of the most beautiful moments as he gives Lennox his full support no matter what her decisions might be now and in the future. It’s that unconditional love that ultimately drives this series and gives it that extra bit of wonderful I simply adore.

What sets this book apart from so many is that Bromberg takes her time without being overly wordy and repetitive. Every scene is necessary and every emotion displayed is spot on and gives me all I need to fall hard for these characters. I could feel every bit of tension, sadness, triumph, and longing as Rush and Lennox maneuver through that crazy little thing called love even when they desperately want to deny otherwise. Time, distance, reputation, and public opinion are no match for the real thing these two have and it’s worth every doubt they had to fight from themselves and others as the pages fly by.

Hard to Hold is the kind of book that truly has it all and it’s a reading experience I wish I could have every time I pick up a new novel. I cannot wait for more from these sisters and happily give Hard to Hold a huge 5+ stars!


Review #4

Audio Hard to Hold (Play Hard #2) narrated by Shane East Vanessa Edwin

This is Lennox and Rushs story, and what a story. Weve met the Kincaid clan before, and previous characters are mentioned in a cameo roll. Rush is a footballer fleeing England to LA, to escape unwanted publicity. Lennox is an agent fleeing to LA, as she is disappointed in her family and hurt by fellow agents slanders. Both Rush and Lennox are staying at a friends house unbeknownst to each other. What unfolds is a delightful story, full of forcefulness, uncertainty, trust issues and possible lies, but for a very good reason. Good deeds have been done in the past, but now they are being asked for pay back!!! At a cost that really is not acceptable. There is drama, deceit, desire and denial all wrapped up in a delightfully fulfilling book. The characters are so real, the description so convincing, the storyline so compelling that once started, totally difficult to put aside. A great story with in going books in this series, but each book reaches a satisfactory conclusion.


Review #5

Free audio Hard to Hold (Play Hard #2) – in the audio player below

Rush Mackenzie is something else. He has made a name for himself as the best football player against all odds. When he and Lennox meet he has left the UK under a cloud. Hiding in plain sight and keeping tight lipped about an accusation.

Lennox has just had a knock to her character, thinking her family don’t trust her or believe in her, so she has ran to her friend Johnny’s place, to take a short contact that her family don’t want her to do, just to prove a point. What she doesn’t expect is to find someone else already there.

Two strong characters, who come together for a bit of a short term fling, who get a lot more than they bargained for!

Loved it! Looking forward to the rest in the series!


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