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How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury audiobook

Hi, are you looking for How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury audiobook free

The story is great. HOWEVER (and it’s a big however) the Kindle version is not actually a Kindle file like you’re probably used to getting when you purchase an e-book. Instead, this is much more like reading a PDF on your Kindle, with pictures of the pages of the book. This means it’s a set size and you have to try to grow or shrink it like a picture instead of being able to use the text size buttons on your device. It makes a ridiculous reading experience and frankly, I’m amazed Amazon allowed a major publisher to hoodwink people like this with a so-called electronic version of their book. Cause it’s crap.

Review #2

How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury series How to Train Your Dragon

I’ve seen many people in the reviews dislike the book because it’s very different from the movies. So if you’re a big fan of the movies, you might not like the books much.
Actually, I like the books better even though I read it because of the movies.
The most different from the movies is Toothless. The Toothless in the books is a small, green, not yet full-grown dragon with no teeth and seems to be a Common Green. But he’s actually a Seadragon Gigantus Maximus, as we get to know in Book 11 (or was it Book 12?). They can grow huge but start out quite small.
I think that the movie Toothless is actually the Windwalker with Toothless’s name. The Windwalker is a black dragon who can fly very fast, and is Hiccup’s riding dragon since Toothless is too small to ride. The Windwalker is really loyal to Hiccup, but Toothless…less so. The Winwalker lost half of his front leg. The movie Toothless lost part of his tail. So…!
There was no Astrid in the book, so no love story thingy. It didn’t bother me, I never really liked her anyway. I guessed that she was made from Camicazi, because both are girls with blonde hair and a dragon named Stormfly.
Fishleg was also COMPLETELY different from the movies. In the books, he had a very complete backstory, and he was thin and wore glasses. In the movies…well, the Fishlegs in the movies was a very fat boy and very timid. Nothing like in the books. That. One. Thing. made me like the books better than the movies.
Oh and Hiccup. Hiccup in the books can speak Dragoneses, which I thought would be cool if it was in the movies. He learned about dragons by himself, while the movie Hiccup seemed to get most of his dragon knowledge from The Book Of Dragons (which wasn’t in the books at all). Also, he had two whole legs in the books.
The whole world thingy is different from the movies. They have already trained dragons for quite a long time in the books, and the dragons didn’t leave together, they were more like, fade away and finally disappear. And there were three Hiccups. The one we read about is Hiccup the Third. The hiccup in the movies was (sort of) Hiccup The First and The Third combined, since the books said that Hiccup The First was the first one to ride dragons.

Review #3

Audiobook How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury by Cressida Cowell

This series is by far the best we’ve read, and like so many others have noted, my son and I are so sad that there will be no more adventures with Hiccup and his crew. The books are SO much better than the movies and very different. We have hoped for a long time now that they might make movies from the books- true to the characters and stories in them. How much fun would naughty little Toothless (always pooping where he’s not meant to and eating things he shouldn’t) and the wildly clever Camacazi, and the crude and crass Gobber….it is a mystery why it hasn’t already been done!

Review #4

Audio  How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury narrated by David Tennant

Once again read beautifully by David Tennent. Tennant’s voices are spot-on and I can’t imagine them speaking any other way now. This is the final book in the How to Train Your Dragon series and by far the most mature and profound of them all. When he got this on Christmas my 11 year-old disappeared most of Christmas Day and I discovered he’d holed up in his room to listen to this start to finish. We read the whole series out loud together last year. After we got our first audiobook read by David Tennent, my son, who reads the dialog while I read the narrative, has got Tennent’s accents and inflections down pat. This is unabridged, and so is very useful to help my son with his reading, as he can follow along word-for-word, and is willing to do so.

Review #5

Free audio How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury – in the audio player below

My son loves these books. They are full of adventure and the triumph of the underdog. As well as interesting and fun ways that the underdog finds to get out of sticky situations. I really like the hiccup character, he is my favorite kind of hero; good and possibly not your typical hero on the surface, but all hero inside. This is the last one, and I think the last few books are a little intense. (I confess, I am a fairy tale lover, I don’t like suspense) But my ten year old son loved every one of them. My only actual complaint about the book is that some of the names are a little crude. (Big boobied bertha is the worst, but there were a few things I would have removed ). If you can get past that, I think you will like these books.

What can I say other than the whole series narrated by David Tennant is BRILLIANT! Great for the adult who has not lost the child’s imagination. Great life lessons for young children with the same “Princess Bride” bedtime story feel to it. Great reminders to adults who have forgotten the noble things in life. This is the last book in the series. I have the series in audio format and hope to one day get Tennant’s autograph and Cowell’s autograph on this item. Listen to the whole series! You won’t be disappointed!

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