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If I Never Met You audiobook – Audience Reviews

Review #1

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As an African American female I can honestly say I love Laurie! It is difficult to find books with a female black lead especially with a believable personality. Too often, we are written as being independent to the point of stupidity, “sassy” or unfeeling. Even when intelligent with careers we have to be painted as either uppity or still in touch with are so called “ghetto” roots. I found a likable heroine and lovable hero in this story. Laurie is relatable and although the story is set in Manchester, England I can see myself and so many other women in her. The story is refreshingly funny and smart. I think Jamie is the ultimate love interest. I only wish there was an epilogue of some sort the ending feels slightly abrupt. Overall a great book and I found a new author to add to my list.

Review #2

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Ive never read Mhairi McFarlane before but the blurb comparing her to Christina Lauren and Tessa Bailey, two of my favorite authors, convinced me to buy this on the spot. It was a fun, heartfelt read with whip-smart dialogue, but I wouldnt compare it to Christina Lauren or Tessa Bailey. Its a closed-door, slow-burn romance that focuses much more on the heroines journey. (The first half of the book is about her breakup with her ex.) It felt more like a slightly edgier Sophie Kinsella to me. I enjoyed it, but I like my contemporary romance hotttt (which is why I love Tessa Bailey) and this falls more on the sweet side. I probably wont be reading any more books by this author, because meet-cute chick lit just isnt my cup of tea. If its yours, youll love it.

Review #3

If I Never Met You audiobook by Mhairi McFarlane

I’m a big Mhairi McFarlane fan and I’ve read all her books and loved them. I’m afraid “If I Never Met You” doesn’t even come close to her other stuff. If you are a first time McFarlane reader, go to her other stuff first. If you’re already a fan you’ll probably have mixed feelings or be disappointed.
I had trouble pinpointing exactly why this book didn’t work and I think it has to do with the pacing. Half the book is about the details (many of them unnecessary) of her life with Dan and the breakup. Then a quarter of the book is about her dysfunctional relationship with her parents. The last quarter is fun and is about the relationship with the “new man”. But even here, there is a choppy feel to it. It is hard to focus on how and why these two are together and should be together cause there is so much extraneous stuff. While reading I kept wondering if this was a discovery of self or a romance or a survival story. It turns out a its a bit of each without any of them dominating. The story is a bit all over the place and therefore loses impact
Also, the writing is surprisingly awkward at times: there are awkward backstory data dumps in conversations that sound unnatural and as if the author had simply cut and paste her draft notes about the characters backstories. Also, while the fake relationship trope is amusing, there are parts that are just too unbelievable to allow an easy suspension of disbelief: the firm’s partners obsession with Jamie’s love life or lack of it was just NOT believable and therefore the whole thing sort of crumbles. I was willing to suspend that disbelief because I am a McFarlane fan. New readers might not make the effort and are more likely to turn away after this book and that would be a real shame because almost all her books up to now have been worth the time — as romances and as comedies and as “feel good chick-lit.

Review #4

If I Never Met You audio narrated by Sara Novak

Mhairi McFarlane took me from heartbreak to restoration in 400 pages and I loved it! You could feel Laurie’s anguish over the demise of her 18 year relationship, but I love that it wasn’t all woe is me (though there was a little bit of that) – she is a fierce, independent, intelligent woman and she stood up for herself in a way that I found very admirable and even inspirational. I also really enjoyed Jamie’s character and the way they advocating for each other and grew as individuals. I was taken aback by the small (and possible slightly triggering) reveal from Laurie’s background – after reading Don’t You Forget About Me which also had a character that had a traumatizing event in her background, it made me wonder if this is a tidbit that was included in all of the author’s books. Other than that, I enjoyed watching Laurie regain her self-confidence, find new love, and recognize that love (real love) comes in many different forms. I look forward to checking out Mhairi McFarlane’s back catalogue and I’ll definitely be adding her to my “auto-buy” author list. 4 out of 5 wine glasses.

Review #5

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Im an American citizen so the British slang took a bit getting used to – in fact I had to use Google a few times – but once you get the diction down, its easy. Its great seeing a book about an older protagonist for once, given that older in the average romance novel means around 26, give or take. As much as this is a romance novel, its much more about Lauries growth and self-development after the dissolution of a decades plus-long relationship.

The first chunk of the book is dedicated to the set up and aftermath of her breakup, Jamie doesnt even really come into the picture and have their official meet-cute until about 100 pages in. (Given that the book is only 400 pages long, I thought it was a bit strange.) However the pacing picks up a lot after that, and there is a lot of witty banter between Laurie and Jamie while they are concocting their plan.

Laurie and Jamie are great characters with well-developed back stories to explain why they behave as they do, and it was so sweet seeing them opening up to one another about the traumas and wounds of their past. The only disappointing thing about this book is that it wasnt at least a hundred pages longer! Seriously, the book takes so much time building up the premise that the getting together for reals part is severely undercut and everything ends on a rather abrupt note. Adding more story beats would have probably addressed some of the complaints about this book lacking steamy moments, while I just wanted to see more time spent being a real couple.

Overall this book was a genuine joy to read and I’ll just have to think up scenarios in my head of what happened to Laurie and Jamie immediately after the final page.

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