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Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3) audiobook free

*warning this text may content spoilers* ahhhh I think i migth start running and shouting warnette ,cause i\’m so happy!!!!This is for far the best book of tahareh mafi shatter me saga!!! I feel sad ranking this book with 5 it\’s a book of 100 stars!!! Now let\’s the storm of spoilers begin!!!(so if you haven\’t read the book or saga: whatare you waiting for go,run,buy it , read it , enjoy it and then come back) there is just ONE thing wrong with this book: warnette should began since loong before!!! why wait to the number 55-56 for julliete to accept her damm feelings!!(sorry if i use \”that\” language) {since here is just the AMAIZING things about this book with spoilers} -how julliettte divelop since \”shatter me\” to \”ignite me\” is amizing ,cause is shatter me she was broken emotionaly and phisicaly!!! -how the god damm of adam treat her!! no no no he is the worst character (for me),but for that warnette exists. -kenji is the best: he is sarcastic,pervertive, and super funny!!!! also he is always there for J !!! -warner and james conversations are super cute and funny: james – \”do you love her?\” warner- \”do you love her?\” james-\”what no!! she is like ten years older than me!!\” – picturing the closet was also incredible!!! I think beautiful people that\’s all. hope you enjoy it!! \”beyond life beyond dead my love for thee is eternal\” xoxo #warnette#teamwarnerforever


Review #2

Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3) audiobook streamming online

Well I made it through Ignite Me and all I have to say is there is no way she didn\’t think that was the end. She had to of known she was continuing this story because even though I have felt unsatisfied this entire series so far I would have felt even more so if this truly was the end. Juliette actually kind of redeemed herself in Ignite me but only just enough for me to care. Adam can burn in a tar pit. Warner I still have the same feelings about. And the two saving grace\’s of this book are Kenji and sweet baby James. The plot once again is like non existent. I mean the climax literally lasted less then twenty pages. It didn\’t even start until like page 200. I just don\’t see the appeal of this series.


Review #3

Audiobook Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3) by Tahereh Mafi

I was definitely waiting forever to finish this one and finally I am done. Not totally sure what to do with myself. The Shatter Me series is complete. Where am I supposed to go from here? I think this series has changed my mind about so many predictions and likes and dislikes since the first book. I dont think I switched around my shipping teams so much in a series. Usually I choose one and stick to it, but I feel like I got to know Warner and Adam so much in these books that I would be happy with Juliette ending up with either one. Kenji is still one of the best characters in this book. I will always love him. Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi.the end is here. I have to say that not all of my questions were answered unfortunately. I really wanted to know where peoples powers came from. Why doesnt Anderson have powers? His kids did so why doesnt he? Under that same line of thinking wouldnt the other kids have parents with powers? Why didnt Juliettes mom have powers? These are the things I wanted to know but never got an answer too. Mafis writing as improved with her books. I really liked the fact that this was a dual point of view. I think having a dual point of view added a lot of value to the story and its ending. I really like how Juliette has grown through out the series and how grown up she is now. Juliette has gone through so much and she has grown up a lot. As the reader to take that journey with her, I am so proud of her. I liked the last installment of the Shatter Me series. I feel like the characters all ended up how they should have. I cant wait to see what Mafi has in store for her readers next.


Review #4

Audio Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3) narrated by Kate Simses

I have been burned and broken. I feel like I have been stripped down and thrashed and beaten raw. This book has left me bare. The passion, the uncertainty. Juliette never knew how to say the right things and was all the while screaming inside. I know exactly how she feels. My passion for life has been awakened. I feel alive. And some how I know I will never write anything so amazing, so earth shattering for my emotions. Shatter me, destroy me, ignite me. It\’s all changed.This series has changed me. I\’ve heard about books that have such a profound affect on the reader. Never experienced one. Now I have experienced three. I will admit, the second one was the best. Ignite Me had some slow moments, some pass the time of day moments that could have been left out. But I was thrilled by the emotional developments of the characters, because that is what this book was, an emotional ride, deep into Juliette\’s soul. I am pleased with how she turned out. Even more pleased about the relationship between her and Warner. Oh, and Kenji, I loved him. At one point, when Juliette has a big revelation, I though it might mean something different between the two, but only for a brief second, and only because their friendship had gone so deep. Adam–a brat in this novel. I loved him in the first one. But he was an out right brat. I couldn\’t feel for him. I hated him for being so selfish. But I understood why, I just wished he could get over it. And Warner, can\’t say anything. Because I loved him, all the twisted, psycho, and tender moments. His looks, his every movement, every punctuated pause . . . Every grapple through pain . . . At one point he says, you destroy me. Eep! Geez. Loved it. And every time he called her, love, even when his heart had been torn out, it tore mine out too. Anyway, one caution, this might not be for my LDS friends, tons of swearing and taking of the lords name in vain. Mostly from Kenji. Ha. The steamy scenes were PG-13 as well. So use your best judgement, if you want to assail your ears . . .


Review #5

Free audio Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3) – in the audio player below

From about halfway through Book Two to about three-quarters of the way through this third and final instalment, I felt really quite in love with this series. I loved our heroine, Juliettes, increased physical/supernatural strength and emotional stability, and I loved the way that Warner became ever more nuanced and likable, while still maintaining an edge. I liked the way the emotional rollercoaster kicked in from page one and barely let up, and I liked both the scenes of restrained sexual tension and the really quite seductive more conventionally steamy ones. On balance, I think I liked the fact that, in homage to Juliettes improved mental state, the author almost completely abandoned the strikethroughs and flights of fantasy, though part of me slightly missed the weird prose that made this book so unique. So in summary, this is basically a fitting end to a great series, and if youve enjoyed things so far, you should definitely read this installment, though I preferred book two (5 stars) on balance. That said, I did have some quibbles. The first was the extent to which crucial things were left unresolved. The most obvious was the lack of even a token explanation for where peoples powers had come from, but others including things like why Adam has a tattoo of the bird Juliette always dreamt about. And what the hell did Warner had to do to convince his father he was suitable to head Sector 45? Seriously, his father mentions how he did something awful, and Juliette never asks him about it. Secondly, plot has never been at the forefront of this series. Character development, romance, and emotional intensity have always taken precedence, and thats basically fine with me, its just the sort of series it is. But I would have liked to have seen a bit more action here, perhaps by speeding up some of the scenes of everyone training/sitting around emoting, and slowing down the final confrontation. My biggest complaint, however, was probably the way the dealt with the love interests. Let me be 100% clear. Its not the outcome that bothered me (which was 100% in line with what I wanted to see) but the way that she released Juliette from having to make a difficult choice. Rather than either having to break a nice guys heart and/or by having to come to terms with her attraction to someone whos done terrible things, she made Adam significantly less pleasant than hes ever seemed before and she attempted to explain away literally every bad thing Warner has ever done. Some of these explanations were clever, and were necessary to make him an at all palatable love interest, but Id preferred that a little more darkness had been maintained. And while were on the subject of characters, in a world of nuance, the cartoonishly evil Anderson felt a little out of place. Ive lingered on these faults because its a shame to see such a genuinely good and potentially great series not quite fulfil its potential, but they didnt actively detract from my enjoyment, and Id still strongly recommend this.


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