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In Her Words audiobook

Hi, are you looking for In Her Words audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

In Her Words audiobook free

I voluntarily read an ARC of this book. In Her Words, in exchange for an honest review! Having been a fan of Karolyn James/London Casey and her fantastic MC series, and also a fan of Jaxson Kidman and his MC series, reading a collaboration story by both of these talented authors was indeed a treat! Loved Cass who had grown up hard, and even though his father left them, his mother, in her strange way always tried to do right for him, and loved him. He wanted more for his future. He wanted his music to make a difference and to mean something. On his way out of town, he hoped for the last time, he smelled the smoke and saw the fire in a house in the wealthy neighborhood he cut through to get to the main road. He ran into the house and saved a young girl, but left her wrapped in her quilt on the lawn when he heard the sirens getting closer, he ran to save himself. He always regretted not trying to go back and find anyone else in the house, and even more years later when he discovered who that girl was that he saved. He lost his first love, Beth, as she drove drunk into a tree and died. Years later he lost another love, a magical one night stand with Scarlett. Their souls touched, that one night, they wrote fabulous lyrics together, but came the morning light, Scarlett was gone, and half of the page of lyrics was torn from Cass\’s book. He was hurt, he was angry, but moved on. He played with several bands, and did some good work, but it wasn\’t his work, and the road soon lost its appeal. Cass found himself as a tattoo artist at St. Skin with his guitars on the walls, his art flowing from the tattoos he created, and he seemed to be at peace with his life until Diem came into his life. Diem was Scarlett\’s best friend, and sadly went from being a babysitter to a Mom in the blink of an eye one night. Scarlett and Diem met in foster homes, and promised to be best friends always, and never let a guy come between them. Scarlett was pregnant from her one night stand with Cass, and never told him. She cried on Diem\’s shoulder how she missed him, should tell him, but she never did. Scarlett had her beautiful baby Paisley, but Scarlet being the free spirit wanted some action, something more interesting. Diem offered to babysit Paisley so Scarlett could go out and enjoy herself , but Scarlett never came home that night. A drunk driver hit her car, killed her and left the scene. Diem was dropped into caring for her best friend\’s baby, and she loved Paisley as if she were her own, but she was smart enough to recognize she needed help, and decided to find the father – Cass. Cass was angry when he first heard what Diem had to say, but then he jumped into the role of being a father as if it were made for him. Diem was delighted for Paisley and Cass, and tried to fight how she felt for the handsome, tattooed, muscular father that meant so much to Scarlett. Diem was also very afraid that she would lose Paisley to Cass as he was the birth father. They tried to work things out, travelling back and forth so Cass could see Paisley as much as he wanted. He fell like a ton of bricks for his beautiful daughter with her mother\’s bright blue eyes, but he was also beginning to feel things for Diem that he didn\’t want to deny either. Diem is always afraid that caring for Cass is betraying her dead best friend, but Cass doesn\’t see it that way at all. They both make some mistakes, but Paisley seems to be the glue that binds them together as a family! Loved this book so much. It was heartbreaking, funny, sweet, and so much more that you expect from these two very talented authors!


Review #2

In Her Words audiobook streamming online

In Her Words is the first installment of the highly anticipated St. Skin series where everyone\’s two favorite authors, London Casey & Jaxson Kidman, collaborate to make the ultimate the bad boy is a good boy romance. This is the story of Cass, a once famous Rock Star whose life is turned upside down by learning the one woman he loved has died but still lives on through the life of a daughter he is only finding out about and Diem, best friend of said woman and current caretaker for their daughter and the struggles they have coming to terms with the new reality they have been thrust into. I was a little bit let down by this book. I have been reading the teaser each week and was looking for something explosive in this first book but instead got a slow burn. The book itself was not bad it was just lacking. I am still looking forward to the next book and anything else that these two write. I received an early premier of the book. I have also purchased the book and would still be more than willing recommend it to my family and friends


Review #3

Audiobook In Her Words by Jaxson Kidman London Casey

Oh my stars and garters, where do I being to do justice to this amazing team of writers..Karolyn James and Jaxson Kidman. They are fantastic authors on their own, but wow put these two together and we have an explosion of emotions just dripping from the pages of this phenomenal book. I\’ve been a fan of Karolyn James for quite awhile now and follow her all the time. Was introduced to Jaxson Kidman through Ms. James on her Facebook page. He blew me away with his first book and I have loved his books ever since. Now where do I start.. well let\’s just put it out there this was one smoking hot, sexual, emotional, nail bitting story. There are twist and turns, ups and downs. It\’s an emotional rollercoaster. I love how they go back and forth telling what happened before . The feelings of the characters jump right off the page and the sex is so electrical you feel the passion. I just have to say these two authors make you want to be the characters. Words flow so easy , you have to catch your breath at times. Cass and Deim have a connection they neither know about. Deim looses her parents at a young age and is put in home after home, she meets Scarlett who is in the system and they become best friend, make promises to each other. They are opposite as day and night. Deim helps keep Scarlett grounded so to speak even though she is a wild one Deim is always there for her no matter the consequences. Scarlett meets Cass who is a famous rock star guitarist after a concert and has a one night stand with him. There is insta attraction between them, Cass wants more but when he wakes she\’s gone, he feels like she took something with her besides his heart. There was something between them he fell in love with her and wanted more but evidently she didnt. Fast forward things happen not in a good way it\’s sad you might shed a few tears. Some things happen for a reason, Cass and Deim meet she\’s there to tell him something important. Feelings involved on both sides they fall for each other passion is high and the sex is hotter than hell. Did I say sex oh yeah melt my kindle. Cold shower time .. These two amazing authors know how to put you right there in the pages you feel like you are the characters, it feels so real. It means a lot when an author can pull me into the moment and keep me entertained and wanting more. I absolutely loved this book can\’t wait for more by this awesome team…I\’m sure there will be more books by them I hope anyway. I was given this for an honest review. but I had to purchase it ..Loved it I recommend this book highly and recommend these authors highly Reviewed by Fantasydreamalicous Blog


Review #4

Audio In Her Words narrated by Aiden Snow Savannah Richards

I loved the idea of this, but didnt like how the story played out. 1) The affectionate darlin on every single page was making my eyes roll… it kind of ruined the book for me, otherwise I loved his character. 2) The back and forth of the main character saying she was the babys mother got under my skin, we get the point, she didnt feel like her mom, but it was brought up way too many times. 3) The fact that the birthday party was such a highlight annoyed me. Everything going on, and were that worried about a party for a one year old? I dont know. All in all, it was okay. I wouldnt reread it.. but it wasnt badly written, so that gives it a few stars.


Review #5

Free audio In Her Words – in the audio player below

I absolutely adored this book, I was hooked from the very first page, I laughed, cried, loved and was heartbroken throughout this wonderful book, the emotions felt in every word. A rollercoaster of the best kind. The characters so real, the torture of a love lost, a love found, a love so confused at times you feel it to your core, a love bound by a mutual love of a little girl and the ghost of love since past and the what if\’s that accompany that. I loved the story of Cass and Diem. What would you do with a connection so strong you are left with only a few words on a scrap of paper, what would you do if you were left with something more precious than anything in the world, knowing you should do one thing but being so afraid you\’d lose it if you did. Then falling in love but fearing that love may not be true because of the past or even the one thing that ties you? I devoured this book in one go and it fast became a favourite of mine, one of my go to reads when in a book slump. A book so well written by both authors, you won\’t want to put it down but you won\’t want it to end either. A definite 5 star read that everyone needs to experience


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