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When Im Gone audiobook

Hi, are you looking for When Im Gone audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

When Im Gone audiobook free

At an early age, Sienna learned to always be alert. A sense of foreboding again, the unseen danger, or unwanted memories haunting her dreams. As an adult, Sienna settles into her waitressing job desperately trying to outrun those memories. Kace has the ability of taking peoples junk and turning it into beautiful collectibles for new owners to appreciate. Never in his wildest dreams had he planned on being a hero. I mean, Kace just went to work, like everyone else, and enjoyed what the weekend would bring. But tonight he would be saving a woman, one he had previously saved a week earlier. Not something you\’d expect to be doing on your day off, let alone twice. But seriously, why was Sienna being put in his path? Why did they keep crossing? Was this some twisted joke, or maybe penance for something else. Kace is looking to the future, planning ahead and trying to make it happen. Sienna is too busy tempting fate, since fate is the reason for the life she is stuck in. No dreams for Sienna. Kace is a fixer, transforming old junk into new, shiny creations. Sienna wasn\’t something Kace could fix, clean up and breathe new life into. That was up to her. Maybe his past has dictated his future just as Sienna\’s past rules her. A chance meeting brings two completely different people together that may have never crossed paths and fate binds them forever. They seem to understand each other on a level they have never experienced with anyone before. Never losing hope. Never losing sight of each other. Being together made them stronger. They would need this deep connection in the days to come. AN INCREDIBLY, TOUCHING STORY THAT GOES DEEP ! WELL WRITTEN, ORIGINAL STORYLINE AND WELL DEVELOPED CHARACTERS THAT HAD ME COMPLETELY INVESTED FROM THE START ! DENIED ATTRACTION AND CHEMISTRY THAT COULD NO LONGER BE PUSHED ASIDE ! EMOTIONAL, PASSIONATE AND ALL CONSUMING ! ! ! AMAZING FROM BEGINNING TO END !


Review #2

When Im Gone audiobook streamming online

It was a good story. I love jaxson\’s style of writing. Its lyrical in a way and a pleasure to read. There were a couple things that really took away from it. 1) and this is a huge one. The foreshadowing at the end of every chapter. Please just stop that. It adds nothing to the story and it is annoying as hell. Just let the story play out and be what it is. 2) you need to have a word with your editor. Every \”carried\” came out as \”cassied.\” Made no sense at all. Otherwise, it was a great read.


Review #3

Audiobook When Im Gone by Jaxson Kidman

Absolutely amazing! It owned me from start to finish. I laughed, I cried, and I wanted more. It grabbed onto me, held on and found a place in my heart forever. Sienna, the beautiful brokenhearted girl. The one who doesn\’t see the point to things in life and just wants it all to be over because she thinks that is what is best for everybody; but in reality just scared of the unknown. Kace, the guy from the worse part of town trying to look up to the skies for a better tomorrow; but not quite being able to reach it. Wanting to be there for people because of mistakes from his past, but not wanting to be acknowledged as a hero; because he doesn\’t do it for the hero status. These two found one another when they needed each other the most and they didn\’t even realize it. Such a beautiful love story of two broken people with hearts of gold, finding each other in a broken world for a way to live. You definitely need to get this book, it will definitely change your life! It sure as hell changed mine. You will be hooked on Jaxson and his beautiful words, just like I am now and forever.


Review #4

Audio When Im Gone narrated by Kirsten Leigh Lee Samuels

This book deserves more than the 5 stars I can give it! Jaxson Kidman has done it again in the creation of this beautifully written book that touches lovingly , takes your emotions on a roller coaster ride and reached deep within me to bring forth feelings that I havent felt in awhile. His masterful way of giving the story such a real feel… its like youre hearing and living the story along with the characters. I will say I cried, of course I did! Sienna and Kace were perfectly flawed but perfect together. I will say that the connection between Kace and Sienna was incredibly beautiful and warmed the cockles of my soul . I cant wait for Jaxsons next masterpiece ~ Angie


Review #5

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Whether you believe in fate or not, life sometimes has a way of putting people directly in your path at just the right time. Kace and Sienna both experienced difficult childhoods, shaping who they became as adults. Whilst both in some ways, still cling to their pain and heartache, Kace\’s optimism and strength becomes the light to Sienna\’s darkness, the day to her night, providing a safe haven for her. Neither expect the relationship that develops, but you can\’t help but hope that they get the HEA they deserve. The chemistry between both characters and their similar childhood experiences make for an emotional, real, heart-wrenching read. As always, Jaxson\’s words pack a punch and keep you hooked, you won\’t be able to put this book down. Well written, with excellent supporting characters, who could easily have their own books, I would highly recommend it. As always, a 5 star read from one of my favourite authors.


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