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In the Stormy Red Sky audiobook

Hi, are you looking for In the Stormy Red Sky audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!

Review #1

In the Stormy Red Sky audiobook free

Mr Drake is sort of a persnickety kind of fellow I think, from having read his MANY intros, outros, and other writings of a personal nature (I don’t KNOW him of course, but I sort of feel I do after all these years (from his first ‘Slammer’s short stories WAY back in the day through the majority of his work through the prsent)) during his long career. Because of my feelings about his personality (easily having nothing whatever to do with fact, quite possibly), I worry that he might get tired of writing about Mr. Hornbl… er, Daniel, Adele & Company some day, and the series could be over! For all of us who have grown to love his swashbuckling, lady- (and MANY other folks of the *bad guy* persuasion) killer hero and that worthy’s more demure (but deadly) Lady friend, it would be a tremendous tragedy should it come to pass! These are just incredibly good stories and for me, being disabled, his writing prowess easily carries me away on the hero & friends adventures allowing me to completely forget everything else while I’m thus involved. Nearly all of his work is as good (as are his recommendations of other writers), and as for this particular fantastic fictional journey, I think he’s a pragmatic enough gentleman that he hopefully won’t easily be able to rid he and his family of the money these wonderful RCN stories bring in! If you love books and haven’t read many (or more than this one) of his Daniel Leary & Friends adventures in and out of the RCN, make an effort to buy them all. I believe you too will find yourself completely swept up and fully immersed in any and all of them. Certainly make the effort to read his other works too — most of his writing is superlative (some wee bit maybe not so much (grin)) and you’ll almost certainly find yourself a die-hard fan before you know it!

Review #2

In the Stormy Red Sky audiobook in series RCN Series

If, in our future, spaceships require months to travel between human worlds, will planetary administration devolve to royalty, despots or savagery? That they set up societies and economies to suit this relative distance from any democracy? Then it will require resourceful, imaginative officers loyal to an administrative world that tries to govern with a light hand. Daniel Leary is such a man. He leads a crew that will follow him through anything. This installment, he is promoted to rank of Captain and given command of a cruiser to escort a politician to a distant world. With recognition comes slimy politics….
Predictably, it is dangerous, and the Alliance must be defeated or this mission will fail. So, acting as commander-on-scene, Leary will search for the Alliance weak spot and crack it first, his crew behind him. Even now, reading it the second time, I relish the way he manipulates the opposition. However, he does not try to reform the system into something ideal, a pragmatic attitude:
Daniel turned to Forbes again…
“Your Excellency,” he said, “I’m not a philosopher, I’m an RCN officer. It’s my duty and my honor to carry out the Republic’s policies, not to worry about whether they’re correct in some abstract way. But I’ve seen what it’s like on the edges, a long way from Cinnabar and Pleasaunce…and your excellency? However much they may grumble, people are bloody lucky to be paying Cinnabar taxes and reporting to Cinnabar bureaucrats, because I’ve seen what the choice is. Bloody lucky!” (p. 277)

Review #3

Audiobook In the Stormy Red Sky by David Drake

I love this series and have now read every book. This one is, as they all are, an excellent read and unlike most series they can stand alone. I would like someday to see more of Hogg and that wonderful little assassin. They would make a great story in themselves. More of a back story on both would also be good. I must confess that I like Adele better than Daniel. She is a much richer character and an excellent narrator.

Review #4

Audio In the Stormy Red Sky narrated by David Drake

This is jolly good reading! I wanted some and I got it when I started to re-read the whole series, again!! It’s easy reading and great fun. Author Drake created a story and wrote the series in a fashion that invites a person to keep the books in order to relieve the tedious period in-between not reading them. Seriously, it’s what books are for, unless it’s learning.

The adventures of Daniel Leary and Adele Mundy continues in fine tradition as usual with Author David Drake telling the tale. Military Science Fiction at its best in my opinion. This is my third reading of this title. I first read it in hardcover when it was first published and later the paperback edition. Now the third reading in Ebook format. To me the story just gets better with each reading. Fantastic character development especially with main characters and their immediate supporting characters. The RCN series is great reading. Thank you, David Drake!

Review #5

Free audio In the Stormy Red Sky – in the audio player below

The seventh book in the RCN series and in my opinion the best so far. The story would stand alone regardless of all the previous books. The story line is familiar in that Captain Daniel Leary and his side kick Signal Officer Adele Mundy are sent off to a remote part of the Cinnabar empire, they then get into various difficulties which they have to work through. The battle scenes are described vividly. A thoroughly good read.

In overall terms this is one of the best of Learys books, but im increasingly concerned by the repetitive use of the same plot mechanisms over the last novels of the series: overwhelming odds, magical Mundy vs retarded enemies, stunning victory. I hope it gets better.

I feel there’s just not enough stories in this series, now I’m sadly more than halfway. The divergence from O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin is significant enough now to say that the two are different, and if I must be careful, it’s hard to tell which is a better tale.

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