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When the Tide Rises audiobook

Hi, are you looking for When the Tide Rises audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

When the Tide Rises audiobook free

It must occur to other readers that there is a gulf between Napoleonic wars and those in a future universe: in the latter, any ship could receive and attempt to decode vital information. There are limits: the distance that the carrier wave can cover before it dies, and the encryption used. Still, a key element in the last book,  Some Golden Harbor (RCN) , was using decryption and spoofing as tactical weapons. With good intel, the RCN can apply minimal pressure in just the right place.
This time, Cinnabar wished to help their small detachment on Diamondia, and they sent Leary. After fighting their way to the harbor, diplomatic efforts begins. Upon consulting the Admiral, they sail for Pelosi… Let’s just say that the Alliance foments unrest in target systems and the Republic of Cinnabar plays catch-up. Again, Leary must capture the poisonous leaders to achieve his goal. But it won’t be brute-force, for he sails Cecile, a mere corvette. Expect more ground battles and electronic spoofing in place of missile duels.

Review #2

When the Tide Rises audiobook in series RCN Series

This is the sixth in David Drake’s Lieutenant Leary series. After reading the first book (With the Lightnings) I became hooked and look forward to subsequent follow-ups as Drake churns them out.

Each book so far has followed the same formula: the protagonists are on a planet doing stuff and there is minor violence. Leary goes on a mission in a spacecraft with the same old crew and his “special friend” Adele, who is a spy, a whiz with computers and also a dead shot with a pistol. There are raids on shore and the finales involve battles in space with missiles, etc.

(Readers familiar with Patrick O’Brien’s “Master and Commander” series may note an eerie resemblance even though his books are set around 1800 and involve a frigate in the British navy.)

Maybe not in the league of, say, Larry Niven, the Leary books are a fine read — good characters and lots of action.

Review #3

Audiobook When the Tide Rises by David Drake

This space opera is the sixth of, to date, eight naval SF action stories featuring Daniel Leary, an officer in the space navy of the far future “Republic of Cinnabar” and his signals officer (and super spy) Adele Mundy.

Like David Weber’s “Honor Harrington” series, although with rather different execution of a similar idea, this series imagines a far future technology for space travel and space warfare which imposes tactical, logistical and strategic challenges for space navy officers remarkably similar to those which the technology of fighting sail imposed on the wet navy officers of Nelson’s navy. The spaceships use real sails, for instance and it has an impact when they get shot away.

Indeed, just as the first 12 Honor Harrington novels are rather like a far future, gender reversed re-creation of C.S. Forester’s Hornblower novels, Drake confirmed in author’s notes to this and other volumes in the series that the “Leary” novels were originally inspired by Patrick O’Brien’s Aubrey and Maturin novels such as  Master and Commander .

As this story begins, The Republic of Cinnabar has been backed into a corner by the enemy Alliance at the Diamondia system: the RCN is fighting desperately to hold it with two battleships, one of them eighty years old, against a larger enemy force. Cinnabar doesn’t have the battleships to reinforce the RCN squadron, so instead they need a distraction: which is to be found by sending Daniel Leary, Adele Mundy, and the Corvette “Princess Cecile” to support a group of rebels in the Bagarian Cluster who have revolted against the Alliance. The RCN have sent a corvette to do a battle squadron’s job – but if anyone can pull this one off it’s Daniel, Adele, and the Cissies …

Review #4

Audio When the Tide Rises narrated by David Drake

The Mundy/Leary series is beginning to change from the pure rockem-sockem space opera to something deeper. Adele Munday is at the center of this book and to put it bluntly, is starting to come unglued. Finally the characters are becoming more human. If you start the series with this book, you will have missed so much Go back and read everything.
Drake has written a new world, not at all like the present world. But that does not mean you wn’t cheer commander Leary’s victories and grow to love the characters. Fine book.

Review #5

Free audio When the Tide Rises – in the audio player below

I haven’t found any David Drake books I haven’t enjoyed and this one was not exception. This book is a Lt Daniel Leary series book. He is now a commander of the RCN. He is sent off to help the Bagarian Navy and others. He does things to help the people and the RCN, which doesn’t make the leaders happy. But he ends up supporting the RCN at Diamondia after destroying several alliance planets war capability. This allows them to defeat them and Cmdr Leary is put in for Capt after the action.

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